Best Headlamp for Camping

To help you minimize on the time spent in search of a great Headlamp for camping, we’ve gone out of our way to bring you a guide as to what exactly to look for in the Best Headlamp for Camping.

Essentially, when you’re considering a great camping headlight, you’ll want to take into consideration the performance of the light around the camping site as well as how well it will light up your tent on the inside after the sun has set.

What you NEED to know is that there are literally THOUSANDS of good-enough headlamps out there that will do the job, and do it well. For something like camping you’re probably not going to need some sort of extreme, uber lightweight headlamp, but rather just something that will withstand the elements and light up you after dark experience. DON’T feel overwhelmed by the (sometimes mind-numbing) amounts of available products out there, just stick to what it will be able to deliver you with.

So WHAT do you want from a good headlamp for camping?

  • Essentially something that delivers an evenly lit beam for starters, but it should also give you a wider beam for lighting up the entire campsite area.
  • You’ll want a headlamp that has a high quality optical lens system – once again this basically contributes to the EVENLY LIT beam factor.
  • You’ll need a headlamp that has a good quality beam distance as well, but this should not be your main consideration.
  • When possible, avoid headlamps that have narrow light beams, the tunnel syndrome really isn’t going to help out the camping scenario.

OUR top pick as the best camping headlamp…

The Petzl e+LITE

What a true gem this is! It weighs in at only 30 grams so it’s just about the most ideal headlamp to throw into your bug out bag, resting assured that you’ll be covered come nightfall! It’s light and it does what it’s supposed to do, really quickly too! What’s great about the Petzl is the fact that it basically fits in the palm of your hand and provides you with enough light to get cracking around the campsite as well as inside of your tent.

The Petzl e+LITE

It has a low mode which is perfect for holding up battery life for extended periods of time. It’s also a little life saver! It has a built in Flashing Red LED for emergency situations, which will notify observers that you’re in need of help, and the beacon lasts for days at that!

We love the fact that the retractable zip-line headband also wears super comfortably, due to the fact that this little guy is so super lightweight, but just because it’s lightweight doesn’t mean it’s not durable. This headlamp is robust and waterproof for up to one meter.

Okay so it might be slightly more expensive than other low-end lights, and could use a little more battery power than many of its competitors but its size and weight remains unbeatable!


With so many different headlamps on the market today, it’s easy to become overwhelmed and make an impulsive decision when making a purchase. Always keep in mind that when it comes to headlamps for camping, you need something that’s durable and built to last. You obviously don’t want anything that’s going to drag you down, and you should be able to wear it with ease and comfort, allowing you to be the light source of the camping site. There really isn’t a RIGHT or WRONG here; it’s all about the headlamp’s functionality and what it can do for YOU. Investing hundreds of dollars into a camping headlamp is not something we recommend by the way, but obviously a cheap lamp will give you cheap results.

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