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The first and most important thing you need to know and keep in mind when it comes to LED headlamps is that what’s great today, might not be on-top tomorrow. The ever changing technology and advances in the quality makes it almost impossible to settle on one singular product and stick to it.

The best we can do is to advise you what LED’s are all about and why you should choose them, and off course recommend one or two that we love at the moment. That being said, the most obvious choice for a headlamp these days is the LED version, simply because it’s the brightest light available and uses the least amount of battery life, when compared to something like halogen.

Are all LED “bulbs” the same?

In short…NO. Some lights have rings and bright spots in the beam of light while others have uniform beams. This is mainly thanks to the WAY the lights get manufactured. If the location of the right source then it causes an ill-balanced beam. Lower quality plastic and molds also cause the lenses to perform badly.

Does the LED Illumination pattern matter?

Yes! How your LED’s are pointed makes a big difference in the amount of light they will create. Normally LED’s have a 20 degree spread to the light beam. If you want a brighter spot, then all the LED’s would have to be pointed in the same direction, but this does cause you to loose peripheral vision. Want a broader illumination? Get something that has the LED’s pointing slightly away from each other, but again, this makes you lose brightness.

Some LED Headlamps we recommend are:

Lighting Ever LED Headlamp

For cheap, you can pick up this great little LED Headlamp. It’s bright enough to make your way around the dark and the head strap is secure plus you get the adjustable light which allows you to manually change where the light focuses. It has 18 super bright LED’s ad 2 Red LED’s which gives you a little versatility.

Lighting Ever LED Headlamp

Divine LED’s XE Series Ultra Bright LED Headlamp

So the headlamp from Divine LED’s might be a little more of a financial investment, but definitely worth the few extra dollars. The super bright headlamp illuminates even the darkest areas. It boasts an adjustable dimmer with 5 modes so you can choose just the right amount of light according to your requirements. It has a super comfortable wear and because it’s made from military grade metal, the XE Series headlamp was built with durability in mind. What’s really cool is the fact that it’s also totally water resistant. This headlamp is great for camping, hiking, boating, running and home improvement projects, really making it an all-round multi-purpose headlamp. It also comes with a LIFETIME warranty against defects as well as a satisfaction guarantee. The XE Series is perfect for all your focused-beam illumination needs.

Divine LED’s XE Series Ultra Bright LED Headlamp

Yalumi Spark LED Headlamp

The Spark Headlamp from Yalumi uses a sophisticated optical lens that gives you enhances beam and light efficiency and has 3 different modes; economic (great for power saving), high brightness (for lighting up even the darkest of areas) and strobe (for emergency situations). The white LED with its 105 Lumen light output covers an area of 90 meters with its light beam and can run for around 187 hours in the economy mode and around 95 hours on the super bright mode. This headlamp is great because it gives you a bright, uniform and narrow focused spotlight beam pattern. We love the fact that its super comfortable to wear, has an adjustable head strap and a lap illumination angle tilt and lock mode (which is great for preventing the lamp from accidentally switching on in your backpack and running out before you get the opportunity to use it). It’s compact. Its lightweight and it’s been designed with durability and flexibility in mind – it’s even water resistant!

Yalumi Spark LED Headlamp

For more information on the brightest LED headlamps click here.


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