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Although night vision optics might seem like something straight out of a science fiction film, they aren’t reserved for only the super-tech elite and military though. Thanks to every improving technology, the prices of these fancy gadgets have decreased considerably, allowing average Joe’s to own their very own super cool Night Vision Monocular.

The problem seems to be getting your hands on the very best pair, mainly thanks to the huge amount of variety the market has on offer. Before you decide which monocular you’ll invest in, there are a few things you need to take into consideration such as:

The Price

Night Vision technology can be quite costly, and the range is prices can be vast. Some product come in under $100 while others soar above the $1000 mark. High-end (pricier) models are usually of great quality, but what you spend will ultimately depend on what your needs for the monocular are.


You need a monocular that’s easy to use and also comfortable. You need the controls on the device to be extremely functional as well as easy to use. Keep I mind that you’ll be using it in the dark so you really don’t want to battle with operating it properly.


Power management in a night vision device is of the utmost importance, because being caught without power when you need it most will only lead to frustration. Most night vision devices use readily available alkaline or lithium batteries. Consider investing in a pair of rechargeable batteries, to avoid the costly expense of replacing the batteries on a regular basis.


This is important because it refers to the ability to distinguish the shape of objects and the details of it, rather than just get an outline. You want a high resolution, which makes it much easier to define the object.


Increased magnification reduces the amount of light the lens captures, so opting for the highest “magnified” lens is necessarily the best option.

That being said, here are our picks for The Best Night Vision Monocular:

Armasight Spark Core Multi-Purpose Night Vision Monocular

This Gen 1 monocular from Armasight is rugged and super versatile, and one of the top reviewed models on the market! Okay so Gen 1 is the earliest technology when it comes to night vision, but that by no means makes this monocular basic in any way because it’s actually quite advanced and very reliable.

We love it because it’s so versatile. You can use it as a hand held device, it’s also camera adaptable, can be used on a helmet and can even be mounted on a weapon. It also has a built-in illuminator that lets you see clearly in the darkest of environments, giving you clear imaging time after time.

Armasight Spark Core Multi-Purpose Night Vision Monocular

The only downfall this device might have is the fact that there’s a slight fish-eye around the outer edge of the viewfinder, but for the inexpensive price, we’re prepared to overlook that. With a two year limited warranty and excellent construction, it’s one of the soundest night vision devices for the outdoor enthusiast.

Night Owl Optics 42mm Night Vision Monocular

Okay so we love this monocular from Night Owl mainly thanks to the excellent quality you get for the relatively low price. This monocular is great for the outdoorsman, so if you need a high-end night vision device, you might want to look the other way.

It boasts a Gen 1 image intensifier, so the technology is not way out there, but it’s still very dependable and functional. We have to say we don’t really like the weird looking 3-ring lens body. Illumination with this monocular is also pretty solid, but the vision isn’t as up-to-scratch as it should be and the focus seems to be limited by fuzzy edges.

Night Owl Optics 42mm Night Vision Monocular

When it comes down to it, the Night Owl 43mm Night Vision Monocular is a great device for the least amount of money spent, just keep in mind that you’ll get what you pay for.

Yukon 4X50 NVMT Night Vision Monocular

Here’s another great quality (affordable) monocular that gives you pretty solid optical quality. We love the fact that it’s very lightweight, weighing in at just 600 grams. It’s also very durable and super simple to operate.

It boasts 4x magnification and combined with its 50mm lens and IR illuminator the Yukon 4X50 NVMT gives you great, clear imaging. With its rubber armored body, this monocular will also be able to handle life off the beaten track like a true champ.

Yukon 4X50 NVMT Night Vision Monocular

If you’re in need of a monocular that isn’t going to break the bank and still provide you with good quality imaging, the Yukon is definitely worth considering.


We’ve shown you the best quality (also the highest priced by the way) monocular, which is the Armasight Monocular, and we’ve shown you what you can get for a cheaper price, but also pointed out that the cheaper versions might not deliver the best quality.

When it comes to The Best Night Vision Monocular, the top of the crop is the one that will fulfill your needs and fit your budget, the choice, as always, is up to you.


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