BlackHawk Tactical Flashlight

Blackhawk has been a source of quality since the beginning. The company found its roots when a Navy seal found himself in a compromising situation because of faulty equipment. A vow was made, that if he got out alive he would make products the “right way”.

The “right way” for Blackhawk tactical flashlight and accessories entails constant research, refinement and perfecting of their equipment. Blackhawk believes in its quality to the extent that they offer a lifetime warranty for the majority of their products.

As a leading manufacturer of tactical equipment, Blackhawk offers multiple options for those needing gear. These include; body armour, law enforcement equipment, flashlights and many others. Below we will go over some of the most popular flashlights offered by Blackhawk.





Legacy X6-P



Xipho NTX-RH



Legacy L-6V



Legacy X6-P

The X6-P is a very basic model by Blackhawk, in the sense that there are no unnecessary frills. The Legacy has an output of 65 lumens for a run time of an hour. While this is less than the next two flashlights discussed, it is enough to do the job. Whether that job is in a security detail, or patrolling the back woods, a quality flashlight is a necessity.

Like many Blackhawk models, the X6-P has an anti-roll head. This geometric shaping ensures that if you do drop your tactical flashlight, you won’t be scavenging in the dark trying to find it. This model is, of course, covered by the life time warranty in case something does happen in a drop situation. All these elements combined, this is an excellent base model to carry with you.

Legacy X6-P Flashlight

Xipho NTX-RH

The NTC-RH is an excellent choice for a weapon mounted light. It can easily be operated ambidextrously by one hand. The LED light provides a powerful 180 lumens, lasting 120 minutes. This model has two different modes, one being constant on and the other being strobe. When attached to a rifle, the strobe is extremely disorienting for someone on the other end of your barrel.

Attached to a firearm, vibration and damage is a serious issue. Luckily, the NTX-RH uses a high-impact LED that resists recoils and drops. The carbon fibre polymer body has a stainless steel and black oxide finish that resists scrapes, rust and corrosion. All in all, a great light that attaches to all firearms with rails.

Xiphos NTX

Legacy L-6V

The L-6V is a quality tactical flashlight. This model has four different modes for extreme customization. At its highest setting, the L-6V provides a powerful 570 lumen beam. There is the medium setting at 220 lumens, ending at low at 20 lumens. The fourth mode is a strobe function, it operates at the max setting of 570, more than sufficient to disorient an attacker or gain attention. There is an additional setting of “safety off”, with this you can be sure that your flashlight will not turn on accidentally. All these modes can be easily selected by a rotating switch and a push button to turn it on.

As for the construction of this beauty, the L-6V has an aluminum body with a hard coat anodized finish. This combination makes it rust and corrosion resistant, so you don’t have to worry about decay after use. Within the casing, a multi-faceted reflector makes sure that no light is wasted and tempered glass makes sure it won’t be broken. At 6 inches long and 1 inch diameter it is an excellent option to keep with you at all times.

Legacy L-6V

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