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Coast Products began as Coast Cutlery in 1919, providing quality knives to farmers and ranchers. They have expanded and are now a market leader in premium LED flashlights. With Coast’s variety of products they are the perfect fit for anyone from a weekend adventurer to Navy Seals or soldiers in Afghanistan.

Producing quality products is at the backbone of Coast Products, and to ensure this Coast provides a lifetime warranty for knives, multi-tools and flashlights. This is always an assurance that their products will stand up to the job, and if they don’t they will be replaced.

While Coast Products do offer a variety of options, below are a variety of flashlights for everyday use, exploring caves or even for security details.





HP7 High Performance LED



HL7 Headlamp









HP7 High Performance Focusing LED

The HP7 is one of the best of its class. This Coast model provides 251 lumens on its high setting, down to 58 lumens on the low mode. Between these two modes it has a maximum run time of 10 hours, so you won’t be stuck in a pinch without light. A unique feature of Coast products is the Pure Beam Focusing Optic System, this feature allows you to easily change focus from a spotlight to a flood light without hassle or limiting your light source.

The Coast HP7 is a perfect option for those looking for a smaller, powerful flashlight. The HP7 is only five and a half inches long and very light-weight at seven ounces, easily fits in your pocket! The small size does not take away from the quality though. Like most Coast flashlights, the HP7 is made of impact resistant, lightweight aluminum that resists rust and corrosion. The lens is tightly fitted with an O-ring so water fogging up your flashlight will not be a problem. Definitely a great value!

HP7 High Performance LED Flashlight

HL7 Focusing Headlamp

The HL7 definitely gives you a solid bang for your buck. For a headlamp it is very powerful, providing 196 lumens, throwing a beam up to 109 metres lasting for five hours. When a less powerful beam is needed, the lowest setting provides 3 lumens, lasting for 76 hours! Similar to the HP7, the HL7 also as the Pure Beam Focusing Optic System, for easy transition between flood and spotlight.

The construction of the Coast HL7 is part of what sets it apart from other headlamps. It is very easy to operate, with a large power switch and an easy to grip focusing bezel. Many headbands are easily broken or fray with use, but the HL7 has Z cord within the headband to increase durability. This model comes with clips for easy attachment to hardhats, and is adjustable between four different angles for optimal light delivery. This is an excellent choice for those needing a bright, reliable headlamp.

HL7 Focusing Headlamp

PX25 LED Flashlight

The PX25 is a perfect option to have waiting in your tool box, glove compartment or pocket. It holds a bright, powerful beam at 208 lumens, shining for a distance of 128 meters. This option has a run time of six hours, while this isn’t as long as the ten hours provided by the HP7, it is long enough for those instances of searching in the dark or changing a tire at midnight.

Like all Coast flashlights, the PX25 is very durable. It has an aluminum casing, with a check pattern for optimal grip. The unbreakable LED and rubberized O-ring ensure that the impact and water resistance stands up to the work you are doing. For a low price, there is no sacrifice to value! It still a great flashlight for personal use.

PX25 LED Flashlight

HP17 TAC LED Flashlight

Saving the best for last, the HP17 is an incredibly powerful tactical flashlight. The HP17 TAC has three modes to choose from; high, low and strobe. At its high setting, it puts out 615 lumens which lasts for 15 hours, a very bright beam. Even at its low setting, it still provides 64 lumens for a very long life of 51 hours. There is a strobe function as well, for when emergencies occur or disorientation is necessary. All of these options are easily selected by a push button switch operable by your thumb.

The beam itself has two classic Coast options, the Pure Beam Focusing Optic System and the Bulls Eye Spot Beam. The first allows smooth focus changes using an adjustment bezel on the handle. The Bulls Eye is a focused spot light, with feather edges so that movement outside of the spotlight can still be detected easily.

HP17TAC LED Flashlight

The quality of Coast continues with the HP17 TAC, as it produces another durable tactical flashlight. Like most, it has an aluminium body with cross-hatching for a good grip. The aluminum ensures a rust and corrosion resistant flashlight that will not break down with use. If a problem does occur, the lifetime warranty will be there to back you up. The HP17 TAC is definitely a bright, reliable flashlight that is 100% worth the money spent!


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