A Look At The Best 1000 Lumen Tactical LED Flashlights

Generally, 1000Lm lights are used in special circumstances such as search and rescue. And usually 1000 lumens is overkill for the every day user. If you’re looking for a light to take the dog for a walk or as a nightstand flashlight you might want to look at something that is a little more practical such as the Maglite S4D016 or a Streamlight 88031.

That said, sometimes you just want to throw a lot of light – it doesn’t always have to be logical.

The Contenders: 1000+ Lumen Flashlights

I’ve focused on a variety of price points, your higher end flashlight built right here in North America, a middle of the road model and then a cheap knock off built in China.

There is nothing wrong with the knockoff, but don’t expect the same reliability (or any at all for that matter) and bear in mind a 1000 Lm $13 flashlight isn’t going to throw anywhere near 1000 lumens.

1000+ Lumen Flashlight




Surefire P3X Fury



Supernova Guardian



Skyray 6000Lm



MECO Cree LED Flashlight



Surefire P3X Fury

The P3X is at the top of this list for reliability, usability and overall functionality. Of course, that comes at a price and the Fury is one of the more expensive lights on the market.

It only has a single LED bulb but still gives you the option for either 1000 Lumens or 15 Lumens depending on the situation. This is a particularly useful if you’re in the middle of nowhere or need to extend the battery for any given reason.

SureFire P3X

Even when cranking out 1000 lumens the P3X runs for 2.25 hours, which is fairly impressive. While running at 15 lms it lasts for 60 hours.

As you would expect with any Surefire, Fenix or Streamlight product it’s practically indestructible. The high-end brands create flashlights out of quality material like aircraft aluminum, shatter proof glass and high end LED lights.

  • 15Lm for 60 hours
  • 1000Lm for 2.25 hours
  • High strength aluminum body w/ tempered impact resistant glass
  • Momentary on tail cap switch
  • High quality manufacturing

MECO(TM) WF501B Cree T6 LED Flashlight

If you’re looking for a relatively inexpensive flashlight for every day use the MECO Cree T6 is a pretty slick option. It's incredibly cheap so you may want to pick up a couple just so you always have a backup light.

It’s no where near the 1000 lumens it is advertised at but if you know that going in you’ll appreciate this handy light. When we tested this sucker we got 489 lumens out of it, which is actually pretty damn good for a light that costs less then $20.

MECO(TM) WF501B Cree T6 LED Flashlight

It isn’t terribly reliable and the one I kept in my car up and stopped working one day (which is why I suggest buying two). This obviously isn’t ideal – if you need a flashlight odds are you really need a light. It’s a complete piss off when it stops working.

  • 5 Modes: High – Mid – Low – Strobe – SOS
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Requires 1 X 18650 Battery
  • Very inexpensive

Sky Ray 6000 Lumen Cree Flashlight

This flashlight falls somewhere in between the MECO and the Surefire. It’s more reliable then the MECO, but clearly made from cheaper materials than the Surefire.

The Sky Ray advertises 3800Lms but comes in closer to a 1000 which is why I included it on this list. It features 3 CREE LED lights which throw a ton of light.

The Sky Ray is less of a tactical flashlight and more of an every day light for an average user. It’s one of the better lights on the market for every day use – perfect for camping, hiking or any other outdoor activity. Even though it comes up well shy of it’s advertised 3800 Lumens it still throws a ton of light.

Sky Ray 6000 Lumen Flashlight
  • 3 Cree LED Lights
  • High and Low Mode
  • Requires 4 X 18650 Batteries
  • Relatively cheap
  • Produces a lot of light

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