MAGLITE S4D016 Heavy-Duty 4-D Cell Flashlight

Maglite S4D016

The first thing that stands out when the Maglite Heavy-Duty Flashlight arrived was it's size. This tactical light isn't meant to be small, light or discrete. It weighs 14.1 ounces, it's over foot long and is two inches in diameter. It's constructed out of high quality anodized aluminum, I'm sure the cops who carry this light in my district have used it beyond just as a means to see. Surprisingly, despite it's size, it feels comfortable to hold. It's not ideal for use if you're trying to use a pistol in the other hand as the on/off switch is located near the front of the flashlight. Ideally, you want a small compact light with the switch at the rear, if you're planning on using it with a weapon.

Functionality: Maglite S4D016


If you're going to make a massive light that looks like a nightstick at first sight you had better make it durable. Mag-lite aren't strangers to building high quality tactical flashlights, and deliver with the S4D016. I've dropped this sucker off of a roof and it still works! It's also been used a general purpose hammer to pound tent stakes into the ground at 2 in the morning. Talk about handy, a light source and a hammer! The switch is made out of rubber and all the o-rings are made from high quality silicone. You can bet on this keeping the water out during a downpour. Always a nice feature when you're camping trying to setup a tent and 1 in the morning! I've never personally bopped anyone on the head, but it defiantly could serve as a self defense tool under the right circumstances. This is the light I always take when I walk the dog at night, just in case.

Lumens, Settings and Battery Life

The light is not overwhelming, it's bright but it's not going to blow you away with (it's not a Streamlight Strion, but it's also not your average cheap plastic flashlight from your hardware store). It has 70 lumens and a run time of ten hours, which is exceptional. The best part about this flashlight (aside from the fact that it can be replicate a hammer or a night stick) is the option to go from a tight beam to a flood light. Rotating the head will turn your focused beam into a wide one which can be ideal for certain scenarios.

Maglite S4D016: Overall Review

Maglite has a solid reputation within the industry, they make quality products at a reasonable price. You're not going to find a lot of flashlights that out perform this one for less then $20. Sure, it's more expensive then the cheap ones you can buy from the dollar store or home depot but it won't even compare. If you're looking for a good flashlight for home, outdoors or for professional usage and you don't want to spend $35 or $40 dollar this is your ticket. Most of the customers have sang it's praise.

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