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Pelican Products Ltd. was founded in 1976 and ever since they have been dedicated to making quality products. Dave Parker, was an avid scuba diver who became tired of faulty equipment that failed or leaked. He decided to be the one to provide that to the world. Pelican Products was born and has become a global leader in design and manufacturing of flashlights and other products.

Pelican’s mission is that they are “…dedicated to growing globally by providing quality products and services that add value to (their) customers..” They work constantly to fulfill this through consultation with the clients and re-evaluation of their products. Pelican also offers a life time warranty on all of their flashlights, so you know that they will stand by their product. Their product line is vast, but below there is a description of some of their most popular flashlights.





2360 LED Flashlight



1920 LED



2720 LED Headlamp



SabreLite 2000



2360 LED Tactical

The 2360, is a definitely a flashlight that gives you a bang for your buck. This is a very inexpensive model that still packs a powerful beam of 95 lumens for two hours. Often cheaper models skimp on distance of the beam in an effort to cut costs, but the 2360 still can light up 139 meters ahead making it a very good choice. The light is easily operated by a push button on the tail. This positioning makes it very convenient and quick to operate.

Pelican products are known for their quality, and the 2360 is no exception. It is made of aerospace grade aluminum, and is impact resistant to add to its hardiness. This beauty is also waterproof to a water rating of IPX7 (immersion up to one metre). The 2360 Tactical is good option for those needing a hands-free flashlight as it has a clip that securely attaches to a hat brim or pocket. Overall a great value!

2360 LED Tactical Light

1920 LED Compact

The 1920 is a small flashlight that packs a powerful punch. Don’t let the ultra-compact design fool you, when the 120 lumen beam shoots out in front of you, you’ll remember it’s more than the average penlight. At the high setting, it runs for almost three hours with the 120 lumen beam for a distance of 87 metres. Even at the low setting of 12 lumens, it still has a decent distance of 27 metres and a run time of nine hours.

Pelican didn’t skimp on construction with the 1920 either. It, like many other Pelican’s, it made of aerospace grade aluminum ensuring a quality product. The angled barrel acts as an anti-roll device, saving you from fumbling around in the dark trying to find it if it falls. When water becomes an issue, the 1920 has you covered. It is protected up to IPX-7 and backed by a rubberized O-ring to seal the deal. At five and a half inches, the 1920 is a perfect choice for technicians or inspectors that need a compact, lightweight flashlight they can rely on.

1920 LED Flashlight

2720 LED Headlamp

The 2720 is definitely a headlamp you will be excited to open. There are many reasons for excitement, but the top one might be the gesture activation controls. This is a light you can turn on without slipping on the switch with greasy hands. By waving your hand in front of the sensor, the light illuminates to its full extent.

Pressing and holding the power button will gradually decrease the lumen output from the maximum at 80 lumens, to the minimum at 5 lumens. Another press of the power button will bring on the red LEDS. These are ideal for working at night with night vision goggles, providing just enough additional light. This light has an incredible amount of versatility!

2720 LED Headlight

Headlamps can often be uncomfortable to wear for the long haul, but pelican has addressed this issue. There is significant padding on the back of the light itself, so there is no unnecessary pressure against your forehead. The 2720 comes with two straps, one fabric option for regular use and one rubber option for use with a hardhat without slippage. The light itself pivots up to a 90-degree angle, so it can easily be manipulated for use with a hardhat without light obstruction from the brim. All in, this is an excellent choice for a reliable headlamp.

SabreLite 2000

Last, but not least, is the rugged SabreLite! Among the first to be invented by Pelican, the SabreLite line is known for its durability. The 2000 has an ABS resin body that is built to last. It resists chemicals, corrosion, extreme temperatures and is rated to IPX-7 for water submersion. Operation of this flashlight is easy with a twist on-off selection to bring out the 53 lumen beam. The SabreLite 2000 is secured by the Lifetime Guarantee of Excellence offered by Pelican and is an excellent choice for anyone in a career where rugged equipment is necessary.

SabreLite 2000

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