Smith & Wesson Tactical Pens Review

Everybody knows the brand Smith & Wesson. If you’re a gun collector odds are you have a few in your gun cabinet. Ironically, another gun pioneer, Winchester bought out Smith & Wesson’s first attempt to manufacture fire arms. It wasn’t until later that they produced their first revolver that the company really began to take off.

Today Smith & Wesson is a household name and they’ve expanded their product line to include rifles, pistols, handcuffs, gun accessories and of course tactical pens.

Throughout their history they’ve established themselves as a quality American manufacturer and today they produce some of the best tactical pens available.

What To Look For: Tactical Pens

With all tactical pens we need to pay attention to certain attributes. Obviously the main function of the pen is to write. However, because you may need to use the pen for self defense there are other aspects which you should hone in on.


At the top of this list is the pens ability to withstand the force from striking in times of crisis. Most pens are made out of low grade plastic or cheap metal, that’s where tactical pens differ. All Smith and Wesson pens are machined out of T6061 (aircraft grade) aluminum an anodized to harden the tool. The majority of the additional cost related to manufacturing tactical pens comes from the high quality material they use. Anything less then anodized aluminum is going to wilt upon impact.


If you’re toting a pen around you want it to look like a pen, not an instrument which you plan on crippling an opponent with. Some manufacturers create very slick looking pens that almost look a little too dangerous. The Smith and Wesson line has been carefully designed to avoid that common pitfall.


If you’re buying a tactical pen you know you’re going to be paying more then you would for a standard Bic ball point pen. However, that doesn’t mean you should be spending hundreds on one. Smith and Wesson pen’s aren’t the cheapest tactical pens on the market, however, they’re also not insanely expensive. They range from $20 to $40 depending on what line you purchase.

$20 for a pen may seem a little outrageous but you have to keep in mind, this is the only pen you’ll ever need to own.

Smith and Wesson SWPENMPBK Military and Police Tactical Pen, Black

The most popular S&W tactical pen is the SWPENMPBK. It’s incredibly durable and very light weight. As a writing instrument it’s top notch, with a very solid grip. It’s made out aircraft grade aluminum and harden to ensure it doesn’t bend or break when you need it the most.

The cap screws off by hand and it features a slick clip which ensures you won’t lose it moving around. As with any solid tactical pen, it takes standard parker ink refills.

This tactical pen is perfect for military and police officers and it’s great for every day use as well. If you’re looking for a pen, this is the one we recommend. I would rate this pen 4.75/5 stars. At $20 it’s reasonably priced and makes a perfect gift.

Smith and Wesson SWPENMP2BK M and P 2nd Generation Tactical Pen, Black

If you’re looking for something a little bit slicker the SWPENMP2BK might be the choice for you. This pen is also made out of high grade aircraft aluminum and is incredibly sturdy. It comes in a few different colors including blue, brown, grey and black. One feature about this pen is one end is flat which gives you a great place to put your thumb for thrusting or jabbing.

These pens will write anywhere anytime and feature a very nice grip to hold onto. Although it is slightly more expensive ($25) then the S&W Military and Police Pen it’s grip is a little bit nicer then the police tactical pen. Overall I would give this pen a 4.5/5 rating just because it is slightly more expensive.


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