Before you Buy a Bear Recurve Bow – Read This

bear recurve bow

Bear recurve bows are some of the best on the market. When you shoot a Bear recurve bow, you have something that combines the latest technology and nearly a century of archery history. Bear Archery is named after its mythic founder, Fred Bear. Under his leadership, Bear Archery has always been committed to producing top of the line bows.

This commitment is equally comfortable with tradition and innovation. For example, the legendary Bear recurve bow is the Grizzly. Its design has not changed for 60 years. It is an excellent bow that has stood the test of time. It’s not broke, so they did try to “fix” it.

Yet Bear Archery is also an industry leader in innovation. It holds more than 100 current patents that extend to the fine details of their bows.

You can shoot a Bear Archery bow with confidence and pride.

Here are our 3 favorites at the low, mid, and high price ranges.

Best Bear Recurve Bow – Mid Range

Bear Grizzly Recurve Bow

bear recurve bow

The Bear Grizzly Recurve Bow is the legend. It was first designed in 1950. A few adjustments and changes were made over the next 14 years until Fred hit upon the current design in 1964. Since then, the Grizzly design hasn’t changed in all that time. And generations of archers have fallen in love with its performance. It is consistently accurate, light, compact, and easily portable through rough terrain.

This Bear recurve bow is made of hard maple, treated with the Dymondwood process to ensure a harder more durable wood. In this process, the maple is immersed in a special resin. The wood completely soaks up the resin into the smallest fibers. When the resin dries, it hardens. This makes the wood extremely strong, durable, and more accurate. This bow will resist warping, twisting, and other the contortions that can plague lesser bows. This is a big part of why this bow is so accurate and dependable.

The limbs are also reinforced with fiberglass to ensure lasting strength and durability. They are treated with special polymers and have a high glossy coat. This coat makes the bow largely weather-proof and moisture resistant. The limbs are also calibrated to delivery maximum force to the string, but they also dampen vibration and noise.

If you’re hunting and miss the first shot, the noise won’t drive away your game. If you’re target shooting for high repetitions, your hand won’t ache from excessive vibrations through the riser.

The length of the Grizzly is only 58 inches. This makes it ideal for walking through brush, wooded areas, and the like. It is also well suited to shoot from standing or kneeling positions. It is light, compact, and easy to carry through any terrain.

The Grizzly is ideal for small and medium sized game. It is also an easy and fun bow for target shooting. The precision accuracy of the bow will let you develop your skills with confidence in your bow.

The Grizzly is a fixed, one-piece bow. It outperforms many custom bows that cost more than twice the price. And it has done so for generations. It comes in right and left handed versions. It also comes in a variety of draw weights from 35 to 60 pounds. We advise being conservative when choosing draw weight, especially with this Bear recurve bow. It is very efficient in delivering accuracy, consistency, and power.

Best Bear Recurve Bow – High End

Bear Super Kodiak Recurve Bow

bear recurve bow

The Super Kodiak is ideal for any sized game. This recurve was actually Fred Bear’s bow of choice on most of his hunts for many years. The hunting range of Bear recurve bow is very impressive. Precise accuracy and lethal force at a range 50 yards is no problem, even in rough terrain. The bow can deliver clean kills the first time, if your aim is true. bear recurve bow

It may not be the best bow for beginners because of the higher price tag. But if you have the money to spend, this is an outstanding bow to learn with. The consistency of the power and accuracy will give you a clear indication of your current skill level and your progress over time.

Like the Grizzly, the Super Kodiak is a fixed, one-piece bow. The hard maple wood construction is treated with the Dymondwood process. It is exceptionally strong and durable. This Bear recurve bow may actually be stronger and more durable than the Grizzly. The limbs have a hard maple core that is overlaid and reinforced with fiberglass.

At 60 inches in length and just over 3 pounds, the Super Kodiak is a bit larger and heavier than the Grizzly. But that added weight and length adds considerably more power and lethal force. It is a more than fair trade off. If you are primarily interested in hunting, this is your bow.

Best Bear Recurve Bow – Most Affordable

Bear Wolverine Recurve Bow

bear recurve bow

The Wolverine is a takedown recurve bow. (The limbs are removable for transport and storage.) It is an entry level bow, but the quality of the build and performance is much better than many other bows that cost much more.

The length is 62 inches, and the weight is 2.5 pounds. It is light and fun to shoot. Although it is an entry level recurve bow, it is still made by Bear Archery. You will get the quality and performance that they are known for.

However, this bow typically costs less than $150, so the materials are not the same premium grade of the Grizzly and the Super Kodiak. For the price, it is excellent. But in comparison, it is not as strong, durable, or beautiful. Which is exactly what you’d expect at this price.

It is an ideal bow for novice adults or older teens. It is a quality bow that delivers consistent performance. This will let the novice develop their accuracy with a dependable bow. Lesser beginner bows are often less dependably accurate, so the novice doesn’t know if they made a mistake or the bow let them down. With the Wolverine, the bow will outperform any novice archer. Sure, as your skills improve you will need to upgrade your bow, but if you are just starting out, the Wolverine is an excellent bow to learn with. bear recurve bow


Overall, we recommend the Grizzly. It is moderately priced, but it delivers exceptionally high performance. Its size, weight, and capabilities are well suited to the widest range of archers. Almost anyone, from novice to expert, will enjoy their Grizzly for everything from target shooting, to 3D shoots, to most game hunting. Of course, whether you choose the Grizzly, the Super Kodiak, or the Wolverine, it is difficult to go wrong with any Bear recurve bow.

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