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The crossbow pistol…it seems like a hybrid weapon, but in fact, it might just be one of the best ways ever to get into the game of archery without breaking the bank!

While there are literally thousands of different makes and models available on the market this year, picking and sticking with just one can be somewhat problematic if you don’t know what you’re supposed to be looking for!

What accessories will you need for your crossbow pistol?

What budget should you set up for this adventure?

Luckily, that answer is easy. You just need to follow our advice!

Tac X Tactical expert compiled a list of some of the best crossbow pistols currently available on the market. We’ve also given them all a run for their money, and as such, we reckon that you might just be able to determine whether or not they’re worth your time and money, just by reading our reviews!

Why You Need To Own A Crossbow Pistol

  • They’re much cheaper than compound crossbows or even rifle crossbows. A crossbow pistol (entry model) will cost you as little as $50, which is much better compared to the compound bows that can easily come in at a couple-of-hundred buck.
  • They’re very compact, lighter, and smaller than compound crossbows or crossbow rifles.
  • They’re more versatile than compound crossbows and crossbow rifles. Crossbow pistols can normally be shot left-or-right handed and they don’t have different draw-lengths for different users.
  • They’re more widely accepted. Quite a few states don’t allow the use of firearms, but they do make provision for crossbow pistols to be used. Things like self-defense and target practice become much easier to do than it would have been with a compound bow or even a rifle.
  • They’re not toys. Crossbow pistols deliver a deadly punch and with 80 pounds of draw weight, they can easily reach shooting speeds in excess of 190 feet per second.

With that being said, it’s time that we got to the business end of this post, which is where we’ll show you what your options are, and what we thought about some of the best crossbow pistols currently available on the market!

Best Crossbow Pistol Reviews


PSE Zombie Defense

The PSE Zombie Defense comes in as our best all-around crossbow pistol for a few simple reasons: it looks awesome and it features a bunch of cool accessories that won’t be found on any of the other competing handheld crossbows.

best crossbow pistol reviews

With a red dot sight, a front grip, lower-and-upper rails, and a flashlight the Zombie Defense is a complete package. This crossbow pistol shoots at speeds of 170 feet per second, and with the addition of an attached fore-grip, you can rest assured that accuracy will never be an issue with the Zombie Defense.

Another thing we have to mention is the fact that this weapon has an 80-pound draw weight, which is plenty of power for such a small pistol.


  • Comes with lower-and-upper rail mounts
  • Features an LED flashlight
  • Comes with a Red Dot Scope
  • Self-cocking with Auto-Safety feature
  • Has a draw weight of 80 pounds


  • It only has 4 crossbow bolts
  • You don’t get zombies are part of the package for target practice purposes!


Wizard Archery 150 lb. Pistol Crossbow

With enough power to effectively take down small game, the 150 lb. Pistol Crossbow from Wizarcobra crossbow pistold Archery is one of the best handheld mini crossbows currently available on the market. Featuring a 4×20 scope, 8 arrows, and an assisted cocking mechanism, this might be your ideal crossbow pistol.

With the 150 lb. Pistol Crossbow’s draw weight of 150 pounds, this bow screams power at its best, and we’re betting you’ll appreciate the fact that it can reach shooting speeds of up to 210 feet per second!

The Wizard Archery crossbow pistol also features integrated automatic safety, which is ALWAYS a good thing. To help you make your weapon more unique, you’ll also get to choose between 3 different color options of your choice.


  • Has a draw weight of 150 pounds
  • Comes with a 4×20 scope and eight 14-inch arrows
  • Features a cocking aid rope and comes with changeable tips


  • You can’t operate the pistol without the included cocking aid
  • It doesn’t come with broad-heads
  • It’s a bit on the big side of the crossbow pistol range


Velocity Badger Recurve Handheld Crossbow

As one of the market’s newbies, the Velocity Badger Recurve handheld crossbow pistol, newbies to the world of crossbow pistols can actually watch assembly and shooting videos about this bow on Velocity’s website!

The Badger has a draw weight of 80 pounds, which is pretty much standard for the market. It offers more than enough shooting power and the fact that it’s easy to cock and fire just makes the deal that much sweeter.

pistol crossbows for sale

As far as shooting speeds go, the Badger can do 190 feet per second easily, making it one of the fastest rifle crossbows in today’s market. The fact that the Velocity Badger comes with a self-cocking feature means that it’s literally effortless to get the action going.

One problem with this mini crossbow, however, is the fact that it can be hard for some folks to string. The problem with this solution can be found on Velocity’s website by the way, which doubles up as both customer service and a how-to guide, just to get rid of any nicks.


  • Comes with automatic safety as well as adjustable sights
  • Has a draw weight of 80 pounds
  • Shoots at 160 feet per second


  • It can be hard to string if you don’t know the process well

Final Thoughts

We’ve shown you what we made of the three top crossbow pistols currently available on the market. We hope that you have enjoyed reading through this post and that you’re now armed with the info you’ll need in order to help you make the most informed decision regarding your first – or your next – crossbow pistol!

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