Best Military Grade Tomahawks – 2020 Buyer’s Guide

military grade tomahawk

Looking for the best military grade tomahawk but don’t know how to choose?

You’ve come to the right place.

There are few tools that are as versatile and badass as the tomahawk. However, not every tomahawk is built the same.

You have to know what you are looking for before buying a tomahawk. Otherwise, you’ll end up with one that doesn’t perform well.

So what should you look for? best military grade tomahawk

How can you tell the difference between a good and bad tomahawk?

What are the best military-grade tomahawks today?

Let’s find out.

What is a Tomahawk?

Before we jump in, it’s important to know what exactly tomahawks are.

Tomahawks are small one-handed axes. They are the same size as hatchets but weigh a lot less. They usually have a straight shaft with a head that is D-shaped.

Tomahawks were first used by native Americans. They were made from wood and stone, and served as bush tools. Whenever war came along, these tomahawks also made formidable weapons.

Since then, tomahawks have changed a lot. With new materials and enhanced designs, the tomahawk became so much better in every aspect.

They became so good, tomahawks are still used in the military today. Not as primary weapons – we have guns for that – but as an invaluable tool. Soldiers use this for breaking barriers, cutting, splitting, prying, chopping, and even digging.

For civilians, tomahawks make a great alternative to axes. They’re small, light, and so much more convenient to bring along. best military grade tomahawk

Hunters, hikers, campers, and anyone that enjoys the woods will find these tools incredibly useful. With it, they can build a camp, cut firewood, skin game, and perform a lot of other tasks.

Tomahawks are also popular in sports. Because of their lightweight and straight shaft, it’s a lot easier to throw a tomahawk then, say, an ax. If you look around, you’ll find that there are several tomahawk target-throwing competitions nowadays.

But whether you’re in the military, in the woods, or in a competition, a bad tomahawk won’t cut it. How do you spot a good one?

How to Choose a Tomahawk

Before you buy a tomahawk, you should consider these 4 things.


How can you tell a high-end tomahawk and a cheapo apart?


A good tomahawk won’t use cheap steel and a poor handle. If you get one with these, it’ll be broken before you’ve accomplished anything. best military grade tomahawk

It’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with popular steel types. Too many people don’t know the differences and end up picking up poor tomahawks.


A good tomahawk is not only strong, but it’s also light.

What good is a tomahawk if you need two hands to use it? You’re better off getting an ax.

A tomahawk should be light enough for you to carry without any inconvenience. It should also be light enough for you to throw with ease. best military grade tomahawk


Not all tomahawks have the exact same design.

While almost all have a D-shaped head, you’ll notice that some have a spiked back, while others feature a flat edge.

Which is better? best military grade tomahawk

Neither. Both of these designs have their own purposes.

The spiked back can be used like a pickaxe. It’s perfect for splitting and prying.

The flat edge, on the other hand, can be used as a hammer. Whether you need to smash barriers or place a stake, this will work great.


The straight shafts of tomahawks make them easier to throw. However, it also makes it easier to slip off your hands. best military grade tomahawk

How do you make sure this doesn’t happen? Get a grip!

No, not that way. What we mean is you should get a tomahawk with a good grip. You want a tomahawk that won’t slide off your hands when you use it.

Unlike axes, tomahawks don’t have ergonomic handles. That’s why good tomahawk handles are wrapped in something to give you better grip.

Safety is always first priority. With a good grip, even when you strike hard, your tomahawk won’t fly away. best military grade tomahawk

The Top Military Grade Tomahawks

With those 4 things, you should end up with a great tomahawk.

Still confused?

Here are our top picks: best military grade tomahawk

Best Throwing Tomahawk – SOG Throwing Hawks

best military grade tomahawk

Throwing a tomahawk is so. much. fun.

It gives a rush of adrenaline, and there’s something so satisfying about sinking your hawk into the target.

However, if you take a poor tomahawk, throwing it will be super difficult. It won’t spin properly, and hitting the target will be near impossible.

That’s why you should get SOG’s Throwing Hawks.

These tomahawks were designed specifically for throwing. Some tomahawks tend to be top-heavy, while others are handle-heavy. SOG’s Throwing Hawks, on the other hand, are perfectly balanced.

This way, they won’t spin in unpredictable ways. Plus, they’re lightweight, making throwing them a breeze. best military grade tomahawk

These tomahawks also come in sets of three. This way, you won’t have to fetch your hawk after every throw. To make things even better, they come with a sheath that can carry all three, making it so much easier to carry along.

Unfotunately, aside from throwing, these tomahawks don’t do very well. Yes, they’re sharp and can be used as tools. But their thin head limits what you can do with them.

But when it comes to throwing, few are as good as this one. So don’t settle for a poor throwing tomahawk. If you’re looking for a good one, SOG’s Throwing Hawks will give you all you need.

What we like:

  • Perfectly balanced for throwing
  • Comes in sets of 3
  • Comes with sheath

What we don’t like:

  • Not the most versatile

Best Budget Tomahawk – Cold Steel Trench Hawk

best military grade tomahawk

Not everyone has hundreds of dollars to drop on a tomahawk. A lot of people, especially first timers, are looking for a complete tomahawk that doesn’t break the bank.

Introducing the Trench Hawk by Cold Steel.

While this isn’t the cheapest tomahawk in the market, it certainly is one of the most affordable. There are very few tomahawks at this price range that are as good as the Trench Hawk.

Unlike SOG’s Throwing Hawks, this tomahawk was designed for close combat. Hence the name, Trench Hawk. best military grade tomahawk

It’s small, it’s light, and it’s super deadly. Made from 1055 carbon steel, this tomahawk is hard hitting and very sharp. Plus, it has a spiked back, giving you an extra option when in combat.

When you’re not engaging in combat, this tomahawk is super handy. It can get you out of confined spaces easily. Plus, its spiked back is perfect for splitting and prying.

All that said, you have to remember that this is a budget tomahawk. Yes, it performs well, but it isn’t the highest quality.

For one, the handle is made from polypropylene. While it is strong, it can’t handle abuse. The only good news is that it is quite easy to replace if it breaks.

But when you think of the price, you’ll find that the Cold Steel Trench Hawk truly is a bang for the buck. best military grade tomahawk

What we like:

  • Affordable
  • Spiked back
  • 1055 Carbon Steel

What we don’t like:

  • Not the highest quality

Best All-Round Tomahawk – Gerber Downrange Tomahawk

best military grade tomahawk

What if you’re not looking to save money, but want the best of the best tomahawks? You should check out the Downrange Tomahawk by Gerber.

You’d have to be living under a rock not to know Gerber. They are one of the biggest tactical brands in the world. Their consistent high-quality products is what makes them world renown. best military grade tomahawk

That’s why when you pick up the Downrange Tomahawk, you know you are getting something special. It features three tools in one – an ax, a hammer, and a pry-bar.

The ax helps you chop through anything that gets in your way. The flat hammer back allows you to smash anything such as locks. Finally, the metal handle also serves as a pry bar for getting you out of sticky situations. best military grade tomahawk

Speaking of quality, this is truly military-grade. It’s handle is made from 420HC steel, so it won’t budge no matter what you throw at it. Plus, it has G-10 composite scales, giving it a lot of grip.

When it comes to quality, few even come close to the Downrange Tomahawk. However, this quality comes at a price. A very high price.

But if you have the money, you’ll find that this beautiful tomahawk is well worth it.

What we like:

  • Super high quality
  • 3 tools in 1
  • Steel handle

What we don’t like:

  • Expensive

Best Camping Tomahawk – SOG Survival Tomahawk

best military grade tomahawk

Not all Tomahawks were made for hand-to-hand combat. Some tomahawks, such as SOG’s Survival Tomahawk, were made for the wild.

The woods present a different set of challenges from tactical situations. Here, you’re rarely going to get trapped. A tool for chopping wood and bulding fire is much better in these situations than a tool for prying doors and smashing locks.

That’s exactly what the Survival Tomahawk is made to do. With its stainless steel straight edge, you can chop away and build a wonderful campsite. best military grade tomahawk

The handle is made from glass reinforced nylon. Plus, it has a paracord around it to give you that much needed grip. best military grade tomahawk

In the wild, fire is life. Without it, you’re doomed. That’s why the Survival Tomahawk comes with its very own fire starter. With this, you can cook your food and stay warm wherever you are.

The only downside to this hawk is its steel. While stainless steel won’t corrode easily, it also can’t get very sharp. Before long, you’ll find your tomahawk dull and in need of sharpening.

This isn’t a big problem at all. Once you sharpen it, you’ll be getting one of the best camping tomahawks around.

What we like:

  • Perfect for chopping wood
  • Glass reinforced nylon handle
  • Comes with fire starter

What we don’t like:

  • Not the sharpest


And there you have it! There are, of course, other great tomahawks in the market. But these are our top picks for each category. best military grade tomahawk

So if you’re looking for the best military-grade tomahawks, grab one of these today! best military grade tomahawk

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