Best Tactical Boots Review 2018

No matter what you do outdoors, having proper footwear is extremely important. It can be the difference between a successful adventure and a failed adventure which is why you want to be sure that you have the most comfortable and reliable footwear available.

The best tactical boots will vary in quality and price and while there are some really cheap options available, it is best to stay with the brands that are reviewed best.

Here at TacXTactical, we have strayed from the technical side of things and gone on to review some of our favorite outdoor tactical boots.

Ideal for military, law enforcement, and the avid outdoorsman, the best tactical boots will help you achieve your outdoor pursuits. The best thing about tactical boots is that they aren’t even really that expensive. For under $200 you can have boots that will last you for years to come and will be extremely comfortable.

Tactical Boot                                     Rating                                    Price
Blackhawk Men’s Warrior Wear Desert Ops Boot                                                                              $$
Rocky Men’s C4T Tactical Boot                                                                                $

Things To Consider When Selecting Best Tactical Boots:

  • Material:- The material used is extremely important when determining the quality of a boot.Typically, real leather will be the most appropriate material which will last for years to come. Often times, manufacturers will produce tactical boots with faux leather which will look and feel the same but will not hold up for an extended period of time. Furthermore, leather is extremely breathable and lightweight which will allow you maximum durability no matter the climate.

Another part of the boot to consider is the outsole. Typically it is made of hard rubber but you want to ensure it is suitable for your need. If you need your boots to be quiet for example, make sure to pick a boot which specialized in the desired feature.

  • Weather-Resistance:- It is important to ensure that the tactical boot you are looking to purchase has weather-resistance no matter the condition. Naturally, water-proofing is the first thing that comes to mind but depending on your situation, understanding how a boot will hold up in snow or extreme heat is also very important too.
  • Price:- No matter what, you want to find a boot which is going to fit your budget. However, since the best tactical boots are made for the outdoors, you’ll want them to hold up in the case on the extreme situation. Being stuck in the wilderness for days with boots that fall apart in no way sounds ideal to me. For this reason, I hope you read our reviews thoroughly and choose one of our recommended products. Everything below has been tested and reviewed by multiple people making them both the most affordable and most well made tactical boots on the market.

Blackhawk Men’s Warrior Wear Desert Ops Boot

Worn by countless military and law enforcement professions, the Blackhawk Warrior Wear tactical boots are some of the best on the market. Rated as one of the top boots on Amazon with over 65 5-star reviews, we were excited to get our hands on these to try them out. When they arrived (which was extremely quickly) we were rebest tactical boots reviewsally impressed with the quality of the leather right off the bat.

The exterior features an oil-resistant TC4+ compound outsole and large open lugs for fantastic traction. Up the boot, they have water-resistant and abrasion-resistant panels to support you in any condition you might encounter. A toe reinforcement and an extra layer of suede in the heel provides both abrasion and scuff resistance as well.

When I put this boot on for the first time, I was really impressed with the comfort of the boot. However, I was further impressed after wearing the boots for several days in a row while on my feet. Even after hiking around for several hours per day, I didn’t feel any extraneous ware on my feet which I suppose it the most important thing.

As these boots have been reviewed many times over, I also am aware they will hold up over the test of time. Military approved, you can’t go wrong with the Blackhawk Warrior Wear Desert Ops boot.

Rocky Men’s C4T Tactical Boot

A little bit of a different style than your traditional tactical boot the C4T is extremely lightweight and make for the perfect light to medium duty boot. Really this boot is designed for the outdoorsman or enforcement professional that doesn’t want any gear to slow them down. This particular boot was actually designed by military soldiers which is why it is now one of the best tactical boots on the marketplace and worn by many currently sermen's tactical bootsving in the US military.

When we received this boot, we were instantly impressed with the lightness of the boot. Never had I held a boot with so much sturdiness to it that was also so light. The exterior appears to be well made with a 1” outsole and while the grip isn’t ideal for extreme debris, this boot will keep you moving when you need to do so quickly.

When wearing the boot I was really impressed with just how quiet they were. Although designed for the military, these boots are also extremely well designed for hunters alike. Sneaking up on prey won’t be a problem with the Rocky C4T and I know that is extremely important to a hunter as I like to hunt myself.

In the reviews of people who have had these boots for a long time, it’s reiterated time and time again with just how comfortable these boots are and just how well they hold up over time. Being that these are also not the most expensive boot on the market, I would say these are some of the best tactical boots available.

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