Best Tactical GPS Watch Reviews

Before we dive into the ins and outs of the best tactical GPS watch,  Tac X tactical Expert gives an overview and insight of what a tactical GPS watch is. To explain it simply, it is a watch that allows you to get acquainted with your location and has the capacity to survive the toughest of environmental conditions.

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Being exceptionally good for someone who wants to have a keen eye on his location without worrying about the environmental conditions – these watches continue to satisfy a large customer base.

In this review, we will take you through different tactical GPS watches that are available on the market and make an attempt to provide you with the best knowledge available out there. The competition is tough and a comparison has been made to let you decide for yourself the best tactical GPS watch suiting your needs and economy.

Best Tactical GPS Watch Reviews!

The Top Tactical GPS Watches



Garmin Tactix GPS Navigator                                     $$$                                
Garmin Forerunner 10 GPS Watch                                          $                                
Casio G-Shock GravityMaster Series GPS GPW1000-1A                                   $$$$                                
Soleus Unisex SG100351 GPS Fit Digital Watch                                         $$                                
Soleus Men’s GPS Vibe 2.0 Watch                                     $$$                                


As previously explained the tactical GPS watch is a tough and sturdy watch which offers GPS features as well. Let us explore more about this.

Being tactical, this watch offers you complete satisfaction by resisting against the tough environmental conditions. This is a really good feature especially when you plan to go to areas which are tough in terms of climatic conditions. The assessment of the environment is done by this watch via broad domain of metrics. For outdoor fanatics who plan to explore the world, this is truly a remarkable tool which encompasses all the necessary requirements to withstand the harsh environmental conditions.

As it incorporates the feature of GPS, you can always stay updated about your location. This is incredibly useful if you are somewhere remote or you are planning to go somewhere for the very first time. Not only the location, the tactical GPS watch is exceptionally outstanding in defining your pace or speed as well. It is important if you are seeking a way to measure your pace due to any reason. Moreover, further advancements in this product have led to the incorporation of various features like the calorie meter which measures the burnt calories and aids you in keeping an eye on your exercise by linking it with the information related to the calories burnt.

As a watch, it tells date and time but the latest tactical GPS watches come with other information which is very valuable in providing the precise details useful on the ground. This includes data relevant to different time zones and so on.

Our Recommendations for the Best Tactical GPS Watch!

Garmin Tactix GPS Navigator

Best Tactical GPS Watch Reviews

Without a doubt this is a remarkable tactical GPS watch offers great features, including:

  • State of the art and highly efficient GPS
  • Altimeter which calibrates itself automatically
  • Barometer for the measurement of pressure
  • A compass in three axis
  • The metal surfaces are PVD-coated
  • Reliable, durable, tough and waterproof
  • For the visibility, during the night there is green colored LED

military gps watch

Garmin Forerunner 10 GPS Watch

Combining all of the features, it offers tons of great facets that make an excellent tactical GPS watch, they include:

  • The GPS sensor is highly accurate 
  • Has the capacity to record position, speed, calories, and distance
  • It is very easy to use
  • It offers a virtual pacer
  • It offers a remarkable feature of auto lap and pause
  • Appreciable display size

Casio G-Shock GravityMaster Series GPS GPW1000-1tactical watches with gpsA

Casio G-Shock are multiple features on this watch, and they’ve definitely caught our eye, the features include:

  • The band is actually made of carbon fiber
  • The frame is made of matte resin
  • It has a sapphire crystal
  • It is resistant in water for up to a depth of 200 meters
  • Shock resistant
  • Comes with a beeper alarm
  • Also comes with a countdown timer

Soleus Unisex SG100351 GPS Fit Digital Watch

gps watch for hiking

This watch is excellent on several fronts, and it combines a ton of jaw-dropping features, they include:

  • Modern design complemented by lime accents
  • Quartz movement with digital display
  • A dial window which comes with protective mineral crystal
  • Also comes with a black closure
  • Water resistant up to 30 meters

Soleus Men’s GPS Vibe 2.0 Watch

watch with gps system

Let’s walk through the astounding features of this great watch:

  • Highly sensitive GPS receiver
  • Distance measurement can be done in kilometers and miles
  • Useful to measure pace or speed
  • Offers up to 5 individual timers
  • Has a data storage and upload feature (can connect to USB
  • Also offers a feature to measure calories

Final Thoughts:- In a nutshell, the market is full of top-notch tactical GPS watches which are completely suitable for the environmental conditions. It depends on your need to choose the right one for yourself. The need is also related to the available budget and the environment in which you have to perform.

Hope this review was helpful in allowing you to find the best tactical GPS watch for yourself.

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