Bring the Pain-Stinger Tactical Whip Review

stinger tactical whip

The Stinger Tactical Whip brings the pain. It will give any thug a “moral lesson” on right and wrong. It is one of the most devastating self-defense (non-lethal) weapons on the market. The Stinger Tactical Whip is simple and effective for anyone. You don’t need any special training or skills. You don’t need to be big and strong to protect yourself with this tool.

Stinger Tactical Whip

stinger tactical whip

Simple Design Stinger Whips have a steel cable with a handle. Hold the handle. Flick the cable. Bring the pain. It’s that easy. Of course, the details matter too. And there are a couple different models from Stinger.

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Stinger Tactical Whip

The Stinger Tactical Whip has significant upgrades over the original. The heart of the whip is the 8mm stainless steel cable. It is construction grade steel – heavy duty, rugged, and brutal. It’s strong enough to build a structure – and strong enough to tear down a criminal. The cable is securely anchored into the handle. The exposed cable measures 17 inches. The handle is basically a Kubaton with a hardened carbide tip.

For self-defense use, it’s extremely powerful. It can be used as a force multiplier for strikes or for pressure point manipulation. And in severe emergencies, the hardened tip will turn your hammer strikes into jackhammer strikes.

Emergency Car Tool

These Stinger items are also designed to be “emergency car tools.” The carbide tip on this Stinger Tactical Whip can be used as a glass breaker. If you’re trapped inside your vehicle and need a quick escape, the glass breaker will easily shatter any window.

The tip also includes a seat belt cutter. A razor blade is embedded in the tip. Again, if you are ever trapped in your vehicle, the “emergency car tool” features will allow you to escape.

Self-Defense Use

We think that most people will be more interested in the Stinger Tactical Whip for self-defense purposes. In that regard, it is awesome. This thing hurts – hurts a lot – and will deter or end most attacks quickly. It is one of the most effective pain compliance tools on the market – for self-defense.

The key is striking with the last 3 inches of the whip. The end of the whip travels so much faster than to middle, so it delivers much more force – and pain. Since the whip itself is 17 inches long, you have more distance from the attacker. You can stay longer than an arm’s length away. That means that the attacker will not be able to reach you.

Striking with the Stinger Tactical Whip is easy. Quick, short strikes work best. You don’t need to be really big or strong to cause a lot of pain. In fact, it is better if you don’t wind up and pull back far before strikes. This will keep you safer from accidentally hitting yourself with unintended backlashes.

If the attacker rushes in and you can’t maintain distance, the Kubaton style handle will help you defend yourself. Simple holding it in your fist strengthens and hardens your punches. In addition, the Kubaton’s wicked tip can also fend off attacks until you can get the space you need to use the whip at distance.

Concealed Carry

The Stinger Tactical Whip has some concealed carry options, but they are not the best, most practical aspects of the product.

The whip can be worn as a belt to conceal it. There is a clip on the handle that secures it to any belt loop. The rest of the whip can be feed through the loops. It’s not the most seamless set up. Depending on the spacing of the loops, the end may stick out or come loose. The end may need to be tucked in your waist band. Not ideal, but doable.

The whip can also be concealed inside your pant leg. You can attach the clip to your waistband and feed the cable down the side of your leg. Depending on the cut and fit of your pants, this may be a better solution than belt option.

The whip can also be concealed in a pocket or purse. It is small enough and flexible enough to coil and stow in a pocket or small bag. If you have a tactical fanny pack, the Stinger Tactical Whip would fit in nicely.

In all 3 cases, concealment is not the best feature of this whip. You can conceal it with practice and effort, but it may stand out more than other self-defense tools.


Overall, we are thoroughly impressed by how effective this whip is. It is surprisingly simple in design and function, but wow, it packs a punch.

Original Stinger Tactical Whip

stinger tactical whip

The original Stinger Whip is very similar. The main difference is in the handle.

Emergency Car Tool

The handle is designed to look and function more like an “emergency car tool.” It has the glass breaker and the seat belt cutter. Both work very well. However, the original handle is less effective for close combat self-defense. It works great as a whip handle though.

Self-Defense Use

The original Stinger Tactical Whip works just like the updated model – in terms of the cable. It is actually 18 inches long. That’s longer than the updated version. This small difference does translate to significantly more pain. Like with any whip, the end moves a lot faster than the rest of the whip. And the whip picks up more speed with more length. We can’t do all the math, but the original really brings the pain. So, with the original model, you will want to stay nimble and keep the attacker at a distance. If they close the gap, the original is a bit less effective for close combat. Concealed Carry The original Stinger Tactical Whip is not great for concealment. It wasn’t designed for that purpose at all. The best concealment option is coil and stow in a bag or fanny pack.


Overall, we prefer the updated Stinger Tactical Whip over the original – for self-defense. However, the original is still a devastating, powerful tool.


The Stinger Tactical Whip should be legal is all states, but you need to check your local laws to ensure compliance for use at home and in public.

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