How to Choose the Best Hunting Flashlight

best hunting flashlight

There’s one thing you should never leave out when going hunting… best hunting flashlight

…a flashlight.

Whether you intend to hunt at night, or the darkness just catches up to you, this will be an invaluable tool.

However, you shouldn’t just grab the first flashlight you come across. No, there are important features that make a good hunting flashlight.

What are these? best hunting flashlight

Let’s find out. best hunting flashlight

best hunting flashlight

How to Choose a Hunting Flashlight

There are several things you need to look for when choosing a hunting flashlight. These are:


Do you need a flashlight to spot game a hundred yards away? Or are you more concerned about what is immediately surrounding you?

Your answer here will determine which type of beam you need. best hunting flashlight

For long-distance illumination, a fixed beam time will work better. These straight, sharp beams can cut through yards and yards of darkness and brighten up a single spot.

Fixed beams are very poor when it comes to brightening your surroundings though. Because it’s a thin straight line, you’ll only see what you’re pointing the light at (but nothing around it).

That’s why flood beams are perfect for these scenarios. A flood beam will illuminate everything around you. best hunting flashlight

If you’re walking around in the darkness, a flood beam will light your way. It also makes it much easier for you to fire in close proximity.

Don’t know what to choose?

You’re in luck. best hunting flashlight

A lot of flashlights today have different modes or adjustable beams. This way, you won’t be stuck with one option. Whatever your situation calls for, you’ll have the perfect beam for it.


What good is a flashlight if you can’t see anything around you?

Brightness, which is measured in lumens, is extremely important to a flashlight.

When hunting, you’ll need a light that can brighten your target at least fifty yards away. This way, you can see them without getting too close.

But if you thought the brighter the better, that’s not always true.

Sure, it’s great to have an extra bright light. But it’s also important to have dimmer options for when you don’t need powerful light.

So don’t just grab the highest lumen flashlight you find.

This is because not only will extra-bright lights scare away your hunt, but it also eats a lot of battery. best hunting flashlight

The rule of thumb is that the brighter your flashlight is, the more power it uses (there are a few exceptions to this).

Ideally, you should get a flashlight with multiple power modes. This way, you can get extra-bright lights when you need it, but you can also dim them down to save power.


Which brings us to our next point: battery.

In the wild, you need the longest-lasting flashing you can get. Can you imagine what’ll happen if you run out? You’ll be left in complete darkness.

Don’t settle for ordinary flashlights. These will drain before you even get a kill. They’ll get so dim, you’ll become a sitting duck for predators.

That’s why you need extra-long battery life for hunting. best hunting flashlight

You don’t know how long you’ll be out in the woods. You don’t know how much you’ll use your flashlight either. It’s best to be prepared for anything with ultra long-life flashlights.


On the same note, you also need a flashlight that is as durable as possible.

Never underestimate how important your flashlight is. Once it’s dead, you’re in a lot of trouble.

Look for features such as shock-proof, water-proof, fall-proof, and more. Look for a flashlight that is made from quality materials.

This way, no matter what you get into, you can trust your flashlight to light your way.


Another key feature of good hunting flashlights is ergonomics.

You don’t only want a long-lasting and durable flashlight, you also want a comfortable one.

Good hunting flashlights come with easy-grip handles. With these, even if you hold your flashlight up for hours, you won’t feel a thing.

You should also check the weight of your flashlight. When hunting, you want to move as light as possible. A heavy flashlight will weigh you down.

Finally, you might also want a flashlight that can attach to your rifle. This way, you can have completely hands-free illumination, and you can put all your focus on hitting your target.

The Top 3 Hunting Flashlights

Looking for the best of the best? We’ve got you covered. Here are our top picks for hunting flashlights: best hunting flashlight

Gearlight LED Tactical Flashlight

Looking for a compact, lightweight, tactical flashlight that can fit in your pocket? Look no further than the Gearlight LED Tactical Flashlight. This flashlight is packed with features from head to tail.

For one, it is extremely bright. With its high-lumen LED bulb, you can flash animals from 1,000 feet away!

And if you want to save power, you can also switch between 5 modes: low, medium, high, strobe, and SOS. This lets you choose just the right amount of light. Plus, you can also give flashing signals if you need help.

Its adjustable width makes it very easy for you to switch between flood and fixed beams. You’ll never have to worry about bringing two flashlights because this one takes care of both.

You’ll also never have to worry about damaging your Gearlight flashlight. Built from military-grade aluminum, this flashlight can take quite a beating. It can survive falls from up to 10 feet without any problem. best hunting flashlight

Dropped into the water? That’s not a problem either. It is 100% waterproof, so you can light up even below the surface.

Finally, you get 2 of these amazing flashlights at a very low price. So go and get one for yourself right away!

Anker Rechargeable Bolder

Another great option you have is the Anker Rechargeable Bolder.

As the name says, this flashlight is rechargeable. After 6 hours of use, all you have to do is plug it in and get it back to life. After a few hours of charging, it will be as good as new.

Unlike other types of flashlights that lose their brightness as their battery drains, the Bolder stays at the same brightness all throughout. Too bright? You can choose between 5 modes (high, medium, low, strobe, and SOS).

When in high mode, you’ll be shocked by how bright it is. With a 900 lumen LED bulb, you can see as far away as 1,000 feet. And if you need to see around you, all it takes is a simple turn of a switch to transfer to flood beams. best hunting flashlight

Worried about strength? You seriously don’t have to. This flashlight uses shock-resistant aluminum. It’s also water-resistant, so rain won’t be a problem.

Finally, it is super ergonomic. With its grip, you will never have to worry about it slipping off. And if you’re tired of holding it, you can easily keep this in your pocket.

ThruNite TC15

Last but certainly not least, we have the ThruNie TC15.

This flashlight may be more pricey than the other two, but boy is it worth it. You’ll get an extremely high-quality flashlight that doesn’t lack in features.

This flashlight is super bright. With its 2,300 lumens, it can light up the whole forest. It’s so bright, you can see as far as 807 feet! best hunting flashlight

Don’t want it too bright? Choose between not 5, but 6 different light modes. You can go anywhere from a firefly to a turbo light. You also have the option to go for strobe lights.

Like the Bolder, the TC15 is also rechargeable. You don’t have to worry about buying battery after battery. To make it even better, there is a battery life meter on the flashlight itself. This way, you’ll never be caught off guard with dead batteries. best hunting flashlight

A flashlight wouldn’t be high-quality if it was weak… would it? No, that’s why the TC15 is super strong and can resistant high drop impacts. It’s also extremely water-resistant, handling depths up to 2m down. best hunting flashlight

And it feels super comfortable in your hands. With its lightweight and no-slip grip, you can hold this for hours and hours. When you’re done using, all you have to do is slip it into your pocket.


There are a bunch of other great hunting flashlights in the market. Choose any of these three though, you can be sure they won’t let you down. best hunting flashlight

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