18 Different Types of Paracord Projects

Universally known as Paracord, Parachute cord is a lightweight nylon cord, used by both military and civilians alike, and if you know how to properly utilize it, a great Paracord knot might help you in survival situations.

Paracord is great for just about any knotting project thanks to the durability and flexibility of the cord. You’ve probably heard of the popular “survival bracelets” that are made from Paracord – they unravel and can be used for tying poles together, fixing broken laces and act as straps to secure cargo.

What you probably didn’t know is that there are hundreds of other great Paracord projects you can make. Before you dive head first into full on Paracord weaving however, it’s advisable to check out something like Paracord 101 to make sure you have the hang of things down.

Some of the most popular and easiest to weave Paracord knots includes:

After you have the basic know how, you could try out any of these 20 great Paracord Projects:

The Paracord Belt

    Paracord Belt

    Source: Paracord Guild

    With this versatile and functional belt, you can keep your Paracord close to you at all times. The great thing about a Paracord belt is that it offers you about 50 feet of rope, which is a lot more than just a bracelet would give you. 

    The Paracord Keychain

    Paracord Keychain

    Source: Homemade Gifts Made Easy

      A great way to store money, matches and small essentials is with a Paracord Keychain that has a hidden compartment

        The Paracord Bullwhip

        Paracord Bullwhip

        Source: Instructables

        This isn’t a project for Paracord beginners, but the bullwhip entails braiding up to 12 strands of cord over 12 feet long. It can get a bit frustrating, so make sure you know your way around manipulating such lengths of cord.

        The Paracord Rifle Sling

          Paracord Rifle Sling

          Source: Survival Mastery

          A great item for hunters and outdoors men, the rifle sling is perfect for keeping your weapons close at hand without taking up the free space in your hands.

          A super badass alternative to a traditional rifle sling.

          The Paracord Monkey Fist

            Paracord Monkey Fist

            Source: Paracord Guild

            Using a pool ball core allows you to create the ultimate self-defense weapon. It’s beneficial for all survival and self-defense scenarios, and it’s also easy to conceal and carry around with you, and what’s best is the fact that it carries enough power to slow down an attacker.

            The Paracord Bundle Compression Strap

              Paracord Compression Strap

              Source: Die Hard Survivor

              To keep your sleeping bag, tarps and large items bundled up together; the bundle compression strap is a nifty little Paracord weave to have on you.

              The Paracord Snow Shoe

                For those times when you need to be prepared for all weather conditions, the Paracord snow shoe is a great and useful weave to know how to make. Using Paracord for the weaving of the snow shoe gives a modern twist to a classic style that’s not hard to make.

                The Quick Deploy Paracord Bracelet

                  Paracord Bracelet

                  Source: Paracord Guild

                  Great for those survival scenarios, the survival bracelet is always a good choice to have on you.

                  The Paracord Watchband

                    Paracord Watchband

                    Source: DIY Ready

                    Similar to the Paracord bracelet, you can easily create a watchband for pre-existing watch faces and make something stylish and functional at the same time.

                    Paracord Tent Rigging

                      Paracord Tent Rigging

                      Source: Imminent Threat Solutions

                      If you have the know-how and some Paracord with you, you can any piece of ordinary tarp into a makeshift shelter within minutes.

                      The Paracord Snare Trap

                        Paracord Snare Trap

                        Source: The Art of Manliness

                        To catch small game, a Paracord snare trap could be your key to surviving in the great outdoors. Using just some Paracord and a few sticks you can quickly and easily set a Paracord snare.

                        The Paracord Bottle Net

                        Paracord Watter Bottle Net

                        Source: Stormdrane's Blog

                          Too keep your water bottle strapped securely to you; you can easily make a Paracord bottle net. This is great for hiking, biking and basically any outdoor activities

                          The Paracord Bow Sling

                          Paracord Bow Sling

                          Source: Instructables

                            If you want to keep your bow close at hand and remain hands free, this is a great way to do it.

                            The Paracord Hammock

                              Whether it’s for the backyard or the great outdoors, a Paracord hammock always comes in handy. The great thing about a Paracord hammock is that it’s extremely durable, and can be used as a food net, fishing net, shelter and a sitting or sleeping space.

                              The Paracord Lanyard

                                They’re great for holding your keys, but made with Paracord, a lanyard becomes so much more functional. Make it with 550 Paracord and the lanyard is set to last you a super long time.

                                The Paracord Eyeglass Lanyard

                                  Paracord Eyeglass Lanyard

                                  Source: Stormdrane's Blog

                                  If you enjoy being on the water, then this is a great project to try. With this lanyard you can easily keep your glasses in place, whether it’s on you, near you or on your head.

                                    The Paracord USB Cable

                                      Paracord USB Cable

                                      Source: Snapguide

                                      To help keep the durability of your phone charger cable up, use Paracord to help keep it protected against the elements.

                                      The Paracord Multi-Tool Pouch

                                        Paracord Multi-Tool Pouch

                                        Source: Instructables

                                        If you’re a prepper of note, you know that a multi-tool pouch is always handy, so make it from Paracord to add even more functionality to it.

                                        The Paracord Hatchet Wrap

                                          Paracord Hatchet Wrap

                                          Source: Instructables

                                          Normal backpack straps are just durable to a certain extent, but when using Paracord to make a hatchet wrap, you can easily up the durability factor. It’s a simple way of tidying up loose ends on your gear using different lengths of Paracord.

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