One Leg at a Time: Picking the Best Hunting Pants

hunting pants

Most of us don’t spend enough time thinking about hunting pants – until there’s a problem. Imagine standing there soaking wet, shivering, and miserable just as the animal comes in range. How likely are you to make the shot? How many misses are caused by faulty equipment like the wrong hunting pants? Don’t let this happen to you. We have some tips on choosing the right ones for you. 


Many of us just slip on any old pair of camo pants. We figure that it doesn’t really make a difference. In the past hunting clothes were not really worth price, but in recent years there have been vast improvements. These improvements range from the materials themselves to the functional design of the clothes. Hunting pants are now made of a variety of high tech materials that ensure both comfort and performance in every, environment, climate, and weather condition. Gone are the days of misery. You no longer need to suffer through absorbent, heavy, and noisy fabrics.  

Tips on Choosing Hunting Pants 

These tips give you the specific questions that need to be asked before deciding on the right pants for your next hunt. 

Hunting Location and Time 

Consider exactly where and when you will be hunting before you buy the pants. What are the specific environment factors that you will meet. Will you trudge through swamps or wet brush? Will you encounter sharp edges from rocks or limbs? What are the relevant features of the landscape that you want your pants to help you conquer?  

Also consider the time of year and even time of day. This largely has to the with temperature, but other weather factors should guide your decision here as well. Will face radical temperature changes during your hunting day? Will you need to vent or layer your pants to adjust for this?  

Hunting Position and Style  

Don’t forget about the type of moving that you will need to do. Will you need to hike a long way before your hunt? Will you need to climb natural obstacles? Will you be sitting in a tree stand for long periods?  

These questions also bring up questions of layering, wicking, and versatility. Depending on your hunting style and position, you activity level will racially change your body temperature. If your style includes efforts that leads to sweating, you need pants suited to this required variability. 

hunting pants


Also choose pants that are well suited to uncertainty with the weather and environmental conditions.  

When choosing your pants have these key factors and goals in mind.  

ScentLok Men’s Full Season TAKTIX Hunting Pants

hunting pants

The big advantage of Scentlok pants is odor concealment, as the name suggests. This is achieved with their special carbon fiber weave. This absorbs and masks odors naturally produced by your body and the more extreme ones caused by sweating. 


  • Noise Reduction – much better than noisy polyester 
  • Odor Reduction – active carbon weave 
  • Flexible – freedom of movement 
  • Weatherproof – protection from cold, wet places 


  • Sizes run small 
  • Not suited for warm or moderate temperatures

IDOGEAR G3 Combat Pants Multicam Men Pants with Knee Pads Airsoft Hunting Military Paintball Tactical Camo Trousers 

hunting pants

These are rugged military grade, tactical pants that will also serve you well if you are an active hunter moving in rough terrain. The knee pads are a life saver, and they are also removable.  


  • Rugged and Durable – long lasting even in extreme conditions 
  • Flexible – freedom of movement 
  • Feature Rich – multiple pockets, closures, adjustments 
  • Breathable – best for mild weather 


  • Not suited cold temperatures 
  • Not waterproof 

SITKA Gear Men’s Mountain Performance Hunting Pant

hunting pants

These Sitka pants are the first choice of many experienced hunters. They are odor resistant, comfortable, and perform well in most conditions 



  • Breathable – temperature control 
  • Highly Mobile – bend, climb, and move freely 
  • Water Repellent – resists most wet conditions 
  • Lightweight –  synthetic blend keeps it light but strong  


  • Expensive  
  • Not suited to extreme cold 

First Lite Corrugate Guide Pants 

hunting pants

Known as the armored truck of hunting pants, First Lite is a brand recommended by many top professionals. They are the most well-rounded pants for all day hunts. The materials and construction allow for comfort and performance in a a wide range of temperatures and conditions. 


  • Stretch Fabric – stay mobile and comfortable 
  • Wicking – stay dry 
  • Light and Strong –  perfect for backpack hunting 
  • Versatile – suited for many temperatures 


  • Single Rear Pocket 
  • Can be Challenging to Remove 

Final Choosing Tips

Selecting a set of hunting pants is a bit more difficult than picking a pair of denims. To guarantee you can use the layers you need to stay comfy as well as cozy, you want to pick a set of hunting pants that are the right dimension which means larger than normal. A belt or pair of suspenders will certainly ensure that the pants stay up when you take the layers off so you can stay warm and also comfy with any kind of season. 

The size of the trousers will certainly likewise influence how comfy you are on the hunting journey. Wet muddy cuffs are horrible. To prevent this messy and uncomfortable situation pick a set of hunting pants that are an inch or 2 longer. 

You additionally want to select a set of pants that fit to wear and also easy to move around in. Looser products offer you the capacity to conveniently raise as well as flex your legs when you are climbing or merely intend to sit down, and also breathable products help you remain comfy in trendy and also warm temperatures. Hunting pants with double zippers as well as covered joints are much better equipped at keeping your warm and dry, especially if you are hunting waterfowl. When and also what you are hunting will assist you pick the right pair of pants, investing a couple of mins to consider.  

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