Protect Yourself With a Magnetic Gun Mount

magnetic gun mount

magnetic gun mount could give you the time you need to save your self and your family. This may sound dramatic to some, but in an emergency, every second matters. 4 seconds could mean the difference between life and death if an armed criminal invades your home. Sadly, in today’s uncertain times, that harsh reality is increasingly possible.  

Gun Magnets = Quick Draw = Life 

magnetic gun mount keeps your firearm close and ready. They make sure you have the protection when and where you need it. They are a huge improvement over the drawer of your bedside nightstand. They provide excellent concealment and easy accessibility. And they can be used in your car and any other place you can store your gun. They are extremely versatile. You can mount them under desks, behind a headboard, in your car’s console, on your car door, almost anywhere you need it. 

Enhanced protection for Less than $30 

Gun magnets are also very affordable. Almost every set costs less than $30. Most cost about$20. Today, you can get a magnetic gun mount in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, and strengths. The key factor is the size and weight of your firearm (when fully loaded). But there are some other important factors to consider. We will share everything you need to know about gun magnets and review some of the best on the market. 

Quick Buying Guide 

  • Weight – Holding Capacity 
  • Installation Method 
  • Installation Location 
  • Coating 


Each magnetic gun mount has a different strength that can hold varying amounts of weight. The higher capacity gun magnets can safely hold up to 45 lbs. This means they can be used with shotguns and rifles as well as handguns. The lighter capacity gun magnets typically hold around 15 lbs. This is about 3 times heavier than the largest handgun – the .50 Cal S&W.  

The key is deciding on the use for the magnetic gun mount. Are you going to mount a handgun or a shotgun? Do you want the possibility of doing both? What is the fully loaded weight of your firearm? Are you going to mount in your car? (If yes, you may also consider getting a stronger magnet to hold up against bouncing and momentum in a moving car.) Answering these questions is the first step in picking the best one for your needs.  

Installation Method 

Next, think about the installation method of your gun magnet. Every magnetic gun mount that we recommend is a screw mounted installation. There are other types on the market that use double magnets, or adhesives, or some other “more convenient” method. We don’t trust these. After all, we are primarily planning for an emergency situation. We must be certain that the gun magnet is absolutely secure to the supporting surface (wall, desk, shelf). It only takes a few minutes to install 2 to 4 screws. So avoid any other install method. 

Installation Location 

Third, consider your installation location. There are two keys here.  

  • How much space is available?  
  • What is the material of the mounting surface?  

Available Space 

Are you mounting under a desk or on the side of a bed frame? Are you mounting in your car console or next to the steering wheel column? These and similar questions will influence the specific magnetic gun mount you choose. For example, we really like the model from Concealed Carrier, but it does have a taller profile that is not ideal for every location.  

Mounting Surface 

Are you going to screw into wood, metal, plastic, or drywall? Different gun magnets come with different screws and screw anchors. These are easy to swap out, but make sure you know what you need before you buy.  


You don’t want to ruin the finish of your firearm with subpar gun magnets. Make that it has a proper protective coating. All the ones we recommend are made to protect your firearm from any damage. However, not every magnetic gun mount on the market is made to this standard.  

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magnetic gun mount

Here are out Top 5 Picks for Gun Magnets 


RYMMES – Gun Magnet Mount – 2 Piece Set 

magnetic gun mount

This our favorite magnetic gun mount and the industry leader. It is the most trusted model on the market and comes with a full refund, lifetime guarantee. It is compact and low profile. It is ideal for almost any location in the home or a vehicle.  

It come with high quality 3M adhesive strips, but we don’t recommend using these for permanent mounting. You can use them to try out locations and placements. Then when you find the correct place, use screws for the permanent install. 

There are 2 in the set. Each can easily hold any handgun with its powerful magnet. If used in tandem, 2 magnets can hold a rifle or shotgun. 

The exterior is coated with high quality rubber to protect your firearm from any scratches or other damage.  

The only drawback is the strength of the magnets. If your firearm is very light, this may be too much power. For some people, removing your gun may take more force than you like. It may feel like you need to pry the gun off the magnets.  


  • Outstanding Reputation and Service  
  • Huge Weight Capacity   
  • Lifetime Guarantee 


  • Magnet May Be Too Strong  

LIRISY Gun Magnets – 2 Piece Set

magnetic gun mount

This set from Lirisy is just as strong as the Rymmes set, but it has a thinner profile. It uses a magnetic rare earth metal called Neodymium. It will hold a wide variety of firearms and magazines. Used in tandem, it will support rifles and shotguns, as well as any handgun. Its small size and thin profile make it perfect for any location in your home or vehicle. The only downside is the quality of the included screws. They can easily be stripped, especially in harder surfaces. But this is a cheap and easy fix.  


  • Strong Magnet 
  • Huge Weight Capacity   
  • Small and Thin  


  • Weaker Screws 


magnetic gun mount

The unique feature of this magnetic gun mount is the taller profile. It is ideal for side mounting – meaning that the side of your handgun attaches to the magnet. The taller profile lets your fit your whole hand around the grip. This is useful for mounting on the side of bed frames, walls, car door frames, and even under desks with less clearance. We generally prefer to mount a firearm in the upright position under a desk, but if there is less clearance your legs will hit the gun all the time. To correct this you will need to use a side mounting, the typical gun magnets are too low profile to allow for this.  

The weight capacity is a full 35 lbs. This is heavy enough for rifles and shotguns as well. Although we prefer the other models for that purpose.  


  • Tall Profile for Side Mounting 
  • Decent Weight Capacity   
  • Versatile 


  • Not Recommended for rifles or shotguns 

Tactical Pro Sports – Tac Pro Gun Magnet  

magnetic gun mount

The Tac Pro has a weight capacity of 25 lbs. This may seem light compared to the others on our list but remember that this is 5 times more than the heaviest handgun. And we do recommend this only for use with handguns. Although the manufacturer says otherwise, we would limit its use to handguns.  

The profile of this magnetic gun mount is of medium height. It is great for side or top mounting. The compact size makes it an exceptional choice for use in a vehicle.  


  • Medium Profile for Various Mounting Options 
  • 25 lb. Weight Capacity   
  • Excellent for Vehicle Mounting 


  • Not Recommended for rifles or shotguns 

DD Quickdraw Magnetic Gun Mount  

magnetic gun mount

The DD Quickdraw has a top only mounting design. There are many models like this on the market. Some prefer it, but we find it too limited overall. For example, they really only work with flat top handguns. Another limitation is that it works best for under a desk (or shelf) installations. So overall it is rather limited. magnetic gun mount

However, if you are looking specifically for a under the desk model for a flat top handgun, this is your best bet.


Whichever magnetic gun mount you choose, it is important to remember to practice using it. Practice reaching for the firearm from where you would normally be when surprised by an emergency. For example, in bed. Make that the placement and installation suits you and the location. Practice pulling the gun off the magnet. Get accustomed to the amount of force needed and where you should position yourself. It won’t take as much practice as you would do on the range, but even a little bit of drilling can buy you the precious seconds you need to protect yourself, your family, and your property.  magnetic gun mount

Tac X Tactical
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