Surefire x400 Flashlight Review

SureFire x400

Integrating maximum power white-light illumination and bright green laser aiming into a compact rail-mountable package, the SureFire X400 is about your best flashlight for close- to medium-range applications in any scenario, be it law enforcement, military or self-defense.

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What’s So Great about the SureFire X400?

  • We love the fact that it integrates a high performance LED light that generated 500 lumens of white light, focused by a TIR (Total Internal Reflection) lens – this helps create a tight beam with extended reach, which is perfect for close-to-longer-range situations
  • The tactical-level it produces lights up just about any dark situation and can put out for around 1.5 hours on a set of batteries.
  • What’s also great is the fact that it has a 5mw laser sight that emits a high vis green beam and is fastened with the Nylok® mechanism, which means it’s not going to come off from the power of a gun recoil, ultimately leading to less re-zeroing needs.


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How does the X400 work?

To use the X400, you’ll activate it by using the ambidextrous switching, at the rear of the body, which works with one-finger control. There’s another switch at the rear end that allows you to use either only the white light, use the white light along with the laser sight, use just the laser sight or disable the X400 altogether.

What can it be attached to?

You can use the Surefire X400 attached to either a pistol or a long gun thanks to its Rail-Lock® system that allows you to rapidly attach or detach the light from Universal or Picatinny rails. You can also easily use an adapter mount for non-railed handguns.

Surefire X400 Features

Surefire x400 Flashlight Review

  • It has a 500-Lumen LED that gives you maximum output and runtime
  • It also comes with a High-Visibility 5mw Green Laser Light
  • The TIR Lens – which is great for close to medium range usage, has caused quite a buzz in the industry and is setting the standards pretty high for competitor brands
  • It has a Quick Detach Rail Clamp
  • It has been constructed with Aerospace Aluminum with Mil-Spec anodizing construction
  • It’s weatherproof with an O-Ring and Gasket sealed, so durability and reliability is never in question
  • Comes with 123A batteries, so you can get started as soon as possible
  • Has a 10 Year Shelf Life – which is great because it gives you peace of mind that the parts are fully covered, and also tells you that this product has been made to last
  • It has a length of just 3.6 inches, the perfect length to add to a handgun, but thanks to its shortness, it’s also great for quickly interchanging between weapons

What sets the X400 apart from the X400U RD?

With the expansion of their Weapon Mounted Lights, Surefire upped the game from a red laser light in the X400U RD to a green laser light in the X400. The green light spectrum gives you much more visibility, and the green light is also easier to “chase” than the red light, which makes it that much better.

Is it worth buying?

Assuming the X400 keeps up the level of quality and durability that comes along with the SureFire brand, this is definitely a winner in the Weapon Mounted Light class. If you need something lightweight and powerful that’s easy to interchange between your weapons, the Surefire X400 is the way to go. It might be a little more of an investment to make, but it’s really your best option at the moment when you’re in the market for a weapon mounted light.

What are customers saying?

  • They don’t mind paying a little more for the very best and loved the power and durability of the light
  • Customers were pleased with the quick and hassle-free installation and the fact that it takes the very little tie and effort to get the zeroing on point
  • They love the very bright hot spot along with the great spill light
  • Customers were (as always) very pleased with the high-quality products used for construction in this great SureFire product and also loved the great level of customer service they received.

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Is There Anything NOT To Love?

  • Coming in at around $500, the price might choke you a little, but that’s about the ONLY downfall to this great flashlight, and definitely isn’t stopping this great laser light from becoming a sure-fire hit in the weapon mounted light department.
  • There have been some complaints about the toggle for continuous / on command feature can be a little stiff when you first start using the SureFire X400.


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X400 Weapon Flashlight Final Thoughts

We love how easily the SureFire X400 integrates powerful white-light illumination and bright green laser aiming capabilities into one compact rail-mountable package. For your close-to medium-range engagements, this is the perfect weapon mounted laser light and works great for all scenarios including law enforcement, military and self-defense applications.

The TIR lens produces a tight beam with extended reach and significant surrounding light for peripheral vision. The powerful light is enough to blind any aggressor’s dark-adapted vision and with the aiming adjustment mechanism, you can rest assure that the screws won’t back out from the effects of recoil.

All in all, this laser light has left us in a state of aw…and we think you’ll be shocked to see just how quick you’ll fall in love with this great laser light. The SureFire X400 literally screams out QUALITY and the construction materials just give you that added piece of mind that it has been built with durability in mind. We highly recommend this great laser light, so if you have the $$$ to invest, it might just turn out to be the best investment you ever made. The SureFire X400 is a sure-fire winner in our books!

SureFire X400 Ultra LED Handgun or Long Gun WeaponLight with...
85 Reviews
SureFire X400 Ultra LED Handgun or Long Gun WeaponLight with...
  • Virtually indestructible ultra-high-output LED delivers 600 lumens of blinding white light; produces tactical-level light for 1.75 hours on...
  • TIR lens shapes versatile beam with enough reach and surround light for close- to longer-range tasks
  • 5mW (505nm) Class IIIa red laser sight is highly visible to the human eye and rarely needs re-zeroing


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