Suunto Military Core Watch

Suunto is of the most notable competitors on the market contributing to sports-related gear. With industry-leading technology in the domains of mountaineering, training, hiking, diving, golf, sailing and skiing – Suunto continues to provide its large customer base with state of the art products which are capable of surviving intense conditions and fierce market competition.

The Suunto Military Core Watch

Continually keeping up with the needs and demands of the consumers – Suunto steps up its reputation in the market by providing you with Suunto Core Military Watch. It is a smart and reliable watch that will keep you updated with the external environment during hiking, biking or camping. This watch is an indispensable companion for people who have enthusiasm and passion for outdoors and an eye for quality.

Suunto Core Military Watch & Top Contenders!



Suunto Core Military Watch              $$                
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What Makes the Suunto Core Military Watch So Special?

The watch combines all the hardware to keep you updated with the environmental conditions. To give an overview and highlights of what it is capable of, let us walk you through the different features that make it stand out from other products in the market.

If you are the hardcore lover of the outdoors then you will love having a watch that can locally detect and warn the wearer of an approaching storm or intense change in weather conditions. An intelligent Storm Alarm is installed which ensures that the rapid decline in the air pressure is detected and the individual is informed beforehand so that safety measures and preparations can be taken with fair warning.

There is an altimeter which keeps you updated with your altitude and elevation. It is a really helpful feature as it aids you in reflecting on tracking and saving your progress to view at a later time. It claims accuracy of within 30,000 feet. Being extremely useful while skiing, mountaineering and backcountry exploration, the technology inside this beauty will dazzle you with its level of accurate information that is gathered in the place you are standing rather than just downloading weather report predictions from that morning.

Suunto Core Military Watch

Other useful tools installed in the Suunto Core Military Watch are:

  • A barometer for measuring local pressure
  • A weather trend indicator following three or six hour periods
  • A digital compass

All these tools combine to aid you in getting the most out of this exceptional watch. Without a doubt, your outdoor experience will be greatly enhanced with the addition of the information this watch can provide to any adventure.

Suunto Military Core Watch

The altimeter is of exceptional accuracy and quality and is useful in finding your position on a topographical map, helping keep you on track. Another remarkable feature associated with the altimeter allows you to press a button and your current position will automatically get assigned a reference position, from there your relative descent or ascent will be measured, known as the start-from-zero function.

The Suunto Core Military Watch comes with a barometer which keeps you updated about the changing atmospheric pressure. This is an impressive and useful feature in terms of predicting the weather changes and gives you an extra edge when deciding the course of action in remote areas so you can prepare for the intense and potentially dangerous weather. Moreover, the weather trend indicator uses the data of past last 3-6 hours so you can always keep track of what is going to happen next. It should be noted that the watch is not reliant on the regional forecast rather it takes the data locally and gives its own measurements and prediction algorithms.

Other features include a digital compass, an alarm, dual times and date display and it is also capable of predicting the time of sunset and sunrise. There is a depth meter that allows you to know the depth of the water up to 10 meters. Moreover, it is multilingual offering information in German, Spanish, English, and French.

If you are willing to buy this product and are color conscious as well then no need to worry. Suunto offers a variety of colors for this product. These include aluminum black, black orange, light black, black yellow, light green, aluminum brown and steel.

As far as the quality standards are concerned, the watch comes with a two-year manufacturer warranty to ensure that you are not left with any worry related to the quality standards.

Pros and Cons

Considering the customer reviews of different customers there are mixed opinions about this watch, generally, people say it is a great showpiece, being highly functional and a wonder-inducing product. While there is a category of customers who have got irritated by the overcomplicated interface of the product, but instruction manuals are available online and a paper copy is included. Some claim the display to be really difficult to read.

The average user rating of this watch on Amazon is 4.00, which is great for over 769 reviews. Most of the customer base seems satisfied with the product because of the class, performance, style, and functionality it provides.

It’s a must-get product if you want to enhance your outdoor experience!

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