Tactical vs Self Defense Pen – Who’s Mightier Than the Sword?

self defense pen

Are you in the market for a self defense pen? Not every tactical pen is a good choice if self defense is your priority.

Tactical pens now come with everything from a stylus to a screwdriver. These features are fun and functional in a variety of ways. But if you want an EDC (everyday carry) item for self defense, choose your tactical pen wisely. This especially true if you’re giving it as gift to loved one who will never camp, hunt, or put the extra features to good use.

I gave one to my aunt, an emergency room nurse. She sees a steady stream of mentally ill, homeless, and criminal patients. She wants to take care of them all, but she wants to protect herself too. She can’t bring any other EDC items to work, but a tactical pen is perfect.

What are the features of a good self defense pen?

  • Strong and Durable – any full metal tactical pen will have these
  • No Slip Grip – no slipping out of nervous, sweaty palms
  • Bracing Holds – wide flat places to brace thumb or other fingers for firm strikes
self defense pen

There are a surprising number of tactical pens that are extremely difficult use well for self defense. Many have pointed ends on both sides. This makes them difficult and painful to hold and strike with. You won’t be able to brace with your thumb or palm. This leaves you to rely only on your grip strength to hold on to the pen. But after a couple strikes the pen is likely to move or fall out of your hand completely.

Other tactical pens are now designed for beauty. They look great, but the sleek lines and smooth finishes will cause the pen to slide right out of your hand in a real self defense emergency. And that is the important point to remember.

If you are buying a tactical pen for EDC and self defense, choose the pen that suits your true purpose. Make sure that you can hold the pen safely and securely for fighting off a criminal. If it also has some bells and whistles, great (and yes some tactical pens do have literal whistles)

Here are 7 self defense pens that you can count on in an emergency. They all serve the primary function of self defense very well. With that settled, you can then consider the extra features.

Ankaka – 6-in-1 Tactical Pen – The Self Defense Pen that does it ALL

self defense pen

This tactical pen from Ankaka is also an outstanding self defense pen. It is our top pick. The textured end ensures a no-slip hold. The wide flat cap end ensures good hold for finger bracing and more leverage when striking. This model also has the widest range of tactical and practical features on the market. The quality of the build is extremely high. And the price is extremely low. It is excellent for self defense and for many other tactical and everyday needs.

Partstock – Tungsten Steel Defender – Most Stable Grip

self defense pen

This Partstock self defense pen has the most unique grip configuration. In less than one second, you can form a T-handle. It provides the most secure grip of any self defense pen. The Partstock also allows you to delivery the strongest possible strikes using a typical punching motion. Other tactical pens require the “ice pick” grip or “hammer” grip for the strongest strikes. The strength of this handle is also the weakness. There is only one grip in the T-handle configuration. But WOW! The power of this set up is fierce. Imagine landing a full force punch and having an steel spike on the end of your fist. Your attacker will definitely regret choosing a life of crime.

Smith & Wesson – SWPENMP2BK – Aluminum

self defense pen

If you’re ever in a self defense situation, wouldn’t you like to pull out your Smith and Wesson. Sure this model doesn’t have stopping power of a .357, but you can take this self defense pen almost anywhere. The design is simple but effective. The horizontal grooves make for a secure, no-slip grip. The wide, flat base on the cap make holding stronger and safer. You can easily brace your thumb on the end of the cap when using a “ice pick” style grip.

Schrade – SCPEN4BK – Aluminum

self defense pen

The Schrade model is almost identical to the Smith & Wesson model. The function and design are largely the same. The horizontal ridges and flat base allow for a solid and secure grip when striking. Made of aircraft grade aluminum, the build is strong and durable. The difference maker is the whistle in the cap. I know we made a joke about whistles earlier, but they have proven highly effective, especially in women’s self defense. If the user (man or woman) can use the whistle to call for help and avoid a physical fight, all the better. But if a fight is unavoidable this self defense pen will deliver the force needed to stop an assailant.

5.11 Tactical – Unisex WeaPen – Aerospace Aluminum

self defense pen

Yes, you read that correctly. The model is the “WeaPen.” With just the right mix of corny and clever. This is a perfect present for your dad. If your dad is like mine, he will love over explaining this mildly funny joke embedded in the model name. But all joking aside, this is a serious self defense pen.

We love the pocket clip because it has been designed as a firm finger hold. This is perfect for striking. And an inventive way to add security and function. The extra features also serve self defense as well as practical purposes. There is an optional screwdriver attachment that can replace the fully functioning pen. If you are not interested in using the pen for writing, you can leave the Phillips head screwdriver attachment in place all the time. And if needed for self defense, it can inflict maximum damage.

Gerber – Impromptu Tactical Pen – Rugged Steel

self defense pen

This model comes from the world famous maker of the best multi-tools. Gerber designed this tactical pen in collaboration with law enforcement. It was made to serve the many needs of law enforcement – including non-lethal self defense. It has a solid steel build that is great for all weather conditions. This self defense pen allows for a few configurations of various secure grips.

Mossberg – MOTACP2 Tactical Pen – 2 Piece Set – Aluminum

self defense pen

This 2 piece set from Mossberg is one of the best values on the market. For less than the price of what other manufacturers charge for 1 pen, you get 2. And don’t think that the quality of these pens is lower. They are crafted to be rugged, durable, and dependable. In fact, the primary audience of these tactical pens is the military. They are awesome self defense pens for civilians as well. We love the pocket clip. It has a deep groove that allows for a more stable grip when striking. And we love the sharp titanium tip.

If you’re ready, you can get your self defense pen here.

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