The 9 Best Recurve Bows of 2020 for Target Shooting and Hunting

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Whether you are interested in hunting, target practice, or both, recurve bows are a smart choice for all your archery needs. Recurve bows are the bow of choice for many archery competitions since they require more accuracy on the part of the user than most compound bows. However, the greater need for accuracy with recurve bows also affects them when hunting. Recurve bows are also generally better when used for small game like rabbits, as opposed to large game like deer. Another thing to keep in mind when choosing a recurve bow for hunting is that hunting regulations in most states require that you have a draw weight of 40 pounds or greater. Be sure to check the requirements in your state before making your final decision. 

Recurve Bow

At first, glance, choosing a recurve bow for purchase can be an intimidating task. This guide will assist you in learning more about the types available to choose from. Hopefully, this list will help you narrow down your options and pick the right recurve bow for you and your needs. It will also provide you with useful information about the benefits of using a recurve bow and the price ranges you can expect for this product. And finally, it will define just what exactly the risers and the limbs of a bow are. 

When starting to choose the right Recurve Hunting Bow, the user needs to have a look at the lower draw weight. Too much poundage could end up making the whole experience quite unpleasant. It is sometimes better to start with a 3-piece take-down recurve bow. The limbs can be changed to keep the same riser and increasing the poundage. This might be budget friendly as well and the user does not need to replace the entire 2-piece of 3-piece Recurve Bow in order to increase poundage. However, the user is free to choose a one-piece in case he/she wants. One-piece bows normally have a poundage of at least 30 to 35 lbs. 

The next step is to choose the right arrow which matches the bow set up perfectly. Most of the arrows that have been manufactured for the purpose of being used with Recurve Bows usually have the maximum draw weight specified. If you are short on a budget and you also like traditional Chinese recurve bows, then you will like the Huntingdoor recurve bow. This recurve bow has a drawing weight that ranges from 30 lbs up to 55 lbs. This spec enables you to choose between 6 different sizes with 5 lb increments. They made this bow out of acacia wood, resin fiber and also leather. Both right and left-handed shooters can also use this bow. This bow also makes use of an integrated composite center shot riser. The only con about this bow is that you need to install the string onto the bow before shooting. 

How to Set Up a Recurve Bow

Martin Saber Elite Archery Bow

The Martin Saber Elite features a Thermal Elite Grip for added comfort. Its draw weight is as stated on the limbs at 28″, maybe .8 tenths of a pound more. I have a 29.75″ draw length and it will register right about 3.4 to 3.8 pounds more at that draw length than factory spec. The styling of the takedown bow makes it best recurve bow for target shooting in 2020, bow fishing as well as hunting. The bow has improvements on the handle as it has 2 integrated Vibration Vortex VEMs. This patented technology is mounted on the riser to help improve the efficiency of the bow. In addition, you can expect to have a more vibration free shot thanks to the Thermal V protective dampening grip. I completely fell in love with shooting recurve again, after 35 years of compound bow hunting, because of this bow.

Southwest Archery Spyder Recurve Bow

The SouthWest Archery Spyder Recurve Bow Combo Set is a great bow for beginners that are looking for a quality bow that can actually be taken into the field to hunt. The Spyder set arrives in a quality hard case and includes the bow, bow string, an arrow rest, a stringer tool, armguard and 3 premium carbon arrows. The arrows are actually a decent quality, something not always found in a ready to shoot kit. The riser is a beautiful layering of woods that even includes a red wood that is often only found on higher end recurve bows. A variety of limb weights is available for the Spyder from 20 pounds all the way up to 60 pounds of draw weight. This makes this a perfect bow for a variety of shooters as additional limbs can be purchased to change the draw weight of the bow as a shooter progresses along their archery path. 

Sage Takedown

The Sage Takedown is one of the best options for the money. It comes with a B-50 bow string, an arrow rest, pre-installed brass brushings that fit the Samick Sage Hunting Kit, and in eight different draw weights for various shooting capability. The riser is made from Hard Maple, Olive Dymonwood, and Oak. The limbs, on the other hand, are laminated with fiberglass for durability. With the limbs phenolic reinforced, you won’t have to worry about the bow deteriorating. Shooting light arrows at 184 fps, this recurve bow is also one of the fastest ones on the market. It can shoot 8 gpp (grains per pound) arrows at 184 feet per second, but with the laws of physics, the heavier the arrows, the faster this bow can be. If you can afford more, then go for this well built bestseller. 

recurve bow

TopArchery Takedown Recurve Bow

The Takedown Recurve Bow from TopArchery, 58inch Traditional Longbow Hunting Target Practice is available with Draw weights of 30, 40, and 50 lbs. The bowstring is available in Black and Green colors and the package comes along with the bow and the bowstring. It has been designed in an ergonomic way and the edges have been rounded to give it an elegant and impressive look. The grip is extremely comfortable and the handle has got a very good wooden finishing. The Draw length of this powerful and lightweight Recurve Bow is 30 inches while the overall Bow length is 56 inches. A variety of Draw weights can be used in this incredible Bow and these are 30, 35, 40, 45, and 50 lbs. The bow exhibits a very nicely polished surface and at the same time performs very well. 

Bear Archery Grizzly Recurve Bow

The Bear Archery Grizzly Recurve Bow is perfect for target practice, although game hunting is the field in which its functionality stands out. It has remarkable limb power and action with its bow being easy to transport and shoot quietly. It also has an excellent speed, as you can rest assured that your target will not have the time to duck away. The best arrows to use with a Super Kodiak recurve are the Easton XX75 Jazz Arrows. You can determine the length and weight of the arrows based on the draw weight of your bow. It also comes with the Dynaflight 97 Flemish string, which is not well-suited for most of the other recurve bows. The boon of this Flemish string is that it further boosts your arrow speed. 

Keshes Takedown Recurve Bow

The Keshes Takedown Recurve Bow is one of the best recurve bows with utmost quality. It is of lightweight make and is beautiful and extremely comfortable to hold. This is a perfect shooting archery set which is ideal for bow and arrow hunting for both adults and youth. It is possible to buy the limb set replacements separately to increase or decrease the weight as one grows. 

Longbowmaker Recurve Bow

The Longbowmaker Hunting Bow and Arrow Handmade Recurve is probably one of the best possible bows you could ever purchase. If you dislike how the modernized recurve bows feels, then you’re in luck, because this bow is made traditional. Made for target practice and hunting, this recurve bow is made out of strong materials covered in red snakeskin, to guarantee you of a strong yet dapper recurve bow. Additionally, this one has draw-weight of pounds and draw-length of centimeters. The Longbowmaker Hunting Bow and Arrow Handmade Recurve is made by an old master who’s been making bows and arrows for over 30 years, so it is guaranteed that this one is among the best. 

PSE Razorback Recurve Bow

The PSE Razorback Recurve Bow is an excellent choice for those that are looking to get into the sport of archery and have the challenge and fun of a recurve. The take down feature makes this bow very easy to store when not in use and also easy to transport to and from the range. The riser is a beautiful layered hardwood and the white limbs make for a sharp contrast. Keep in mind that this really isn’t a bow for hunting large game as this is only offered in 25 pound to 30 pound draw weights. One nice feature is that both draw weights are offered in both right and left hand models. This is a good shooting bow that is perfect to get started in archery and one that will help you build those archery muscles. The left-hand Recurve bows are used by the archer or the hunter by holding the Recurve Bow in the right hand and then uses the dominant hand which is the left one to draw the bowstring. As opposed to this, the right-hand oriented Recurve Bow is held by the archer or the hunter with his/her left hand and the bowstring is drawn using the right hand. 

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