The Belly Band Holster Guide to Stealth Comfort & Protection

belly band holster

You have a right to bear arms. You also have a right to comfort when doing so. Choosing a belly band holster is a balancing act between your need for performance and your need for comfort.  


The very best belly band holster will perform three essential functions:  

  • Conceal your firearm fully 
  • Support your firearm securely 
  • Keep your firearm handy 

The best belly band holsters provide the stealth you need for the normal everyday carry situations. Tucked into your natural body lines and under your clothes, a belly band holster will help you carry without drawing unwanted attention to yourself.  

It will also give you all the support you need to hold your handgun in place without slipping down or wobbling around when you move. The right belly band holster will ensure that your firearm is exactly where it needs all the time. To do this the material and fasteners need to be strong and durable.  


Strength and durability are the easy part. The real challenge is comfort while maintaining performance. A belly band holster sits right next to your skin usually. It is also worn for longer periods of time which can lead to skin irritation and discomfort. Another comfort factor is size. Most work for a large range of waist dimensions, but make sure that the one you choose will fit your body size.   

There are a huge variety of belly band holsters available today. Some are made for specific people and purposes. We will focus on the most versatile and useful models for most people in this article.  

Size Matters 

Our recommendations will accommodate a wide variety of handguns, but not all of them. If you have an exceptionally large handgun, you should opt for a shoulder holster instead.  

ComfortTac Ultimate Concealed Carry Holster  

belly band holster

The ComforTac belly band holster is the most popular and widely  

used one on the market. This holster is constructed out of neoprene, and it will fit waist measurements up to 44″. The neoprene is tightly-woven, that makes it comfy and also soft enough to wear straight against the skin without irritating your skin. It is also breathable, so your belly won’t get too hot and sweaty with all day wear. 

The design is highly functional. It is made to sit lower on your hips for quick draw accessibility. The lower portion will be covered with your pants. The upper part covered with your shirt tail. This belly band will work for right or left handed shooters. It is also open to various draw positions. You can easily rotate the band to draw from your lower back, side, or even cross draw position. 

It is strong and will hold most handguns including a P238, Ruger LCP, and most Glocks.

Belly Band Holster for Men and Women - Gun Holster by...
  • Our belly band holster is available in right- and left-hand draw; designed for firearms of various sizes, including subcompact, compact, and...
  • From wearing it at the appendix or hip, to sporting it outside the pants cross draw or open carry style, you can wear this pistol holster...
  • Our gun holster for women & men is compatible with Glock 19, 23, 38, 25, 32, 26, 27, 29, 30, 39, 28, 33, 42, 43, 36, Smith and Wesson,...

KAYLLE Belly Band Concealed Carry Holster

belly band holster

The Kaylle belly band holster is an excellent model that has a one size fits all style. This band will fit all shooters have tummies of approximately 45″ in circumference. The band is made out of an elastic neoprene that allows your skin to breathe and also it’s soft sufficient to wear directly against your skin.  

It will hold a wide array of handguns. There is a quick release, Velcro safety strap to secure your firearm. The phone pocket is a nice convenience as well. It does lack pockets for extra magazines, but this reduces the overall profile and weight.  

KAYLLE Belly Band Concealed Carry Holster - Neoprene Elastic...
  • ✅ CONCEALED CARRY – Thickness 2.5 mm and discreet, Kaylle Belly Holster Band is practically made for concealed carry. With Elastic Gun...
  • ✅ COMFORTABLE WITH HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL: This Belly Band Holster made of high quality soft neoprene material with micro hole design,...
  • ✅ ONE SIZE FOR ALL: High quality neoprene material stretches to fit up to a 45" circumference. (Measure hips or belly not pant size). Tall...

CREATRILL Bundle Belly Band Holster + Ankle Holster for Concealed Carry 

belly band holster

The Creatrill holster set is an exceptional value. It includes a belly holster and an ankle holster. The set is a terrific concealed carry alternative for those who want to carry more than one firearm at a time. It also has an additional pocket that hold many small items like magazines, flashlights, or phones. 

This holster can be found in numerous sizes that will certainly suit most shooters, as well as it will fit most handgun designs. This is a good holster for the Glock 19 or similar sized handgun. The Velcro strap is on the firm side, but a little practice will ensure and fast and efficient draw. 

CREATRILL Bundle of Belly Band Holster + Ankle Holster for...
  • MOST COST EFFECTIVE: Best deal for Concealed carry, Bundle of Belly band + Ankle holster (for secondary use) in one package, just 1 holster...
  • COMFORT MATERIAL: The belly band / ankle holster are made of soft neoprene material, lightweight, ventilated, anti-sweat, and breathable...
  • ONE SIZE FITS MOST:Belly band & Ankle holster both 5" width, belly band size fits up to 45" and ankle holster 16" length fits most ankle...

Vemingo Upgraded Conceal Carry Belly Holster  

belly band holster

The Vemingo belly holster is a terrific hidden carry alternative that comes with a budget-friendly price tag. This mode has a versatile design that will certainly fit most pistols – even revolvers. 

The standout feature of the belly band holster is the extremely breathable neoprene. The material is perforated to allow for better air flow and temperature control. This means that your belly won’t end up a sweaty mess by the end of the day.  

The holster has a decent sizes storage pocket. It will certainly fit a spare magazine, yet you can likewise store a pepper spray or a flashlight in it if you want to. 

No products found.

GoZier Concealed Carry Belly Band Holster  

belly band holster

 Neoprene Waist Band System  IWB Holder  Free Zip Wallet Included  Fits Up to 45” Waist  for Men and Women 

The Gozier belly band combines high performance and comfort as well as any model on the market. It is extremely versatile as well. It can be used for a wide variety of activities – including jogging or working out. It is very secure and comfortable.  

It includes a special feature that is pretty rare – a removable zipper wallet. This wallet fits easily into a wide pocket in the band. The wallet has a zipper and is made to hold cash, credit cards, and similar low profile objects. It is super handy. 

It holds all the usually sized handguns and secures them tightly. It is well suited for everything from a S&W revolver to a full sized 1911.  

Concealed Carry Belly Band Holster ✮ Neoprene Waist Band...
  • BUY DIRECT FROM AN ACTUAL TACTICAL MANUFACTURER – All GoZier Tactical products include our LIFETIME WARRANTY so you can buy with...
  • ONE SIZE FITS MOST – Stretches to fit 17” waist up to a 44” waist and up to 58” with the XL. Simply measure your hips (not your pant...
  • BREATHABLE NEOPRENE – Soft and Supple Medical Grade Neoprene for Moisture Wicking Comfort. Retention Strap Includes Metal Clip for Quick,...

SUFEINI Belly Band Concealed Carry Holster

belly band holster

The Sufeini holster is a one size fits all concealed carry option that comes at an easily accessible price. This version is made out of a stretchable neoprene material that’s soft sufficient to really feel comfortable against your skin.  

The belly band will easily fit any waist that has a measure of as much as 44″. 

We liked this holster’s build very much. The holster is lightweight, and it’s constructed out of a sturdy neoprene that will certainly withstand wetness as well as sunlight direct exposure. It is well suited to a variety of weather conditions outdoors. 

This holster features breeze buttons that maintain your gun as well as ammo protected. The publication bags come with retention bands that will certainly keep the mags from gliding out as you relocate. 

No products found.

GOOTUS Concealed Carry Holster  

belly band holster

The Gootus band holster will fit all sizes up to a 44″ waistline. This design has a comfortable design that molds to your body so you can hide bring your handgun all day without it disrupting your motions. 

We were excited by the holster’s tight design. When you set up the band on your midsection, it will certainly maintain your pistol near your body, making it really simple to hide. And also, this band is also comfortable to put on. 

It will support compact to full sized handguns securely and discretely. Another advantage is extra pockets. There is a Velcro strap secured pocket for magazines and an open-topped pocket for a phone or flashlight.

Belly Band Holster for Concealed Carry - Waist Pistol Gun...
7,309 Reviews
Belly Band Holster for Concealed Carry - Waist Pistol Gun...
  • Comfortable Belly Band Holster - Made with premium soft and breathable neoprene material with micro holes that prevent excessive sweating...
  • Holsters for Concealed Carry - Easy conceal inside your belly or waist. Can be worn inside the waistband (IWB), outside the waistband (OWB),...
  • Gun holster for women & men is compatible with small subcompact, compact, and even full size pistols and revolvers. Fits Gun Smith and...

Accmor Holster for Concealed Carry 

belly band holster

The Accmor belly band holster comes and also has a fascinating design at an excellent price. This holster has 2 holsters on the sides. It’s is perfect for right or left handed shooters. It can also be used to carry two firearms at once. 

It has an extremely wide waist range. It will fit from 21 to 51 inch bellies. Almost everyone. It is very light weight and breathable. 

This model is specifically developed to fit inside your waist; however, you can additionally carry it over your trousers or your belly if you desire. When you use it inside the waist, the holster sits short on your hips for an extra fast draw. 

Accmor Belly Band Holster for Concealed Carry, Elastic...
  • Accmor Belly Band is made of high elastic breathable fabric, lightweight, ventilated, anti-sweat, that is easy to wear against your skin,...
  • Our gun holster’s length is 37.4", and it can stretches to fit up to a 51.2" belly. Two sides gun elastic pockets can hold compact size...
  • Ambidextrous Design Can Be Rotated for Left & Right Hand Draw. Strong Snap Button Keeps Gun Very Secure and for Quick and Quiet Release

Tactics Hub Holster for Concealed Carry  

belly band holster

The Tactics Hub model is a comfy belly band holster that is available in numerous sizes that can accommodate most individuals. The holster has a design that’s sizable enough to fit most handguns, from big framed semis as well as revolvers to compact and subcompact ones. 

The weight distribution of this model is stellar. The belly band disperses the weight of the weapon on its entire size, making it comfortable to lug your gun for extended periods of time. 

The band is constructed out of a breathable flexible material that will feel soft versus your skin. The Velcro closings are strong as well as resilient, and they will support a lot of weight without any trouble. 


With this much variety, it’s easy to find a belly band holster to suit your body and needs. The hard part is choosing just one. Luckily, they are all very affordable. The comfort and protection they provide makes it a smart investment.  

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