The Best Phone Scope Set Ups for Digiscoping

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The digiscoping craze is now fast, cheap, and easy – if you have a good phone scope set up. Digiscoping combines a camera and any type of “scope.” It basically allows you to use binoculars, spotting scopes, or rifle scopes as a high-power, zoom lens. The three pieces of the set up include the camera, the “scope,” and the mounting adapter.  

The first digiscoping set ups were clunky and used a large DSLR camera. This required larger mounting brackets. It was more difficult to manage because the cameras were heavy. Today, you can digiscope with a phone scope set up. These set ups are light, convenient, and high quality.  


What is Digiscoping? 

Imagine being outdoors. You may be hunting, birding, or sightseeing. You use a scope to see an amazing, far away scene. You want to capture and share the awesome views you get with your scope or binoculars. How do you do it? If you have a good phone scope set up, you grab your phone, put it in the mount, and click away. It takes a few seconds. You won’t miss the shot.  

Digiscoping allows you to eliminate excess camera equipment. If you are hunting, birding, or sight-seeing in nature, you probably already have some special scope. With a sweet phone scope set up, you can use the magnifying power of that scope as your zoom lens.  


What is a Phone Scope Set Up For Digiscoping? 

Do you have a phone? Well, you have the first part of the set up. Wasn’t that easy. The next part is some type of scope. This can be a spotting scope on a tripod, a mounted rifle scope, a simple pair of binoculars, or other scopes. Then you need an adapter mount that allows you to securely attach your phone to the scope.  

Since you already have a phone, we will spend most of this article recommending adapter mounts. At the end, we will recommend a few low-cost scopes and binoculars as well.  


GOSKY – Universal Phone Adapter Mount

phone scope

This phone scope adapter from Gosky is our top pick overall. It is easy to use, versatile, durable, and less than twenty dollars. It has a full metal frame. It has a nearly universal fit. It will work with almost every type of optic and almost every type of phone. The initial set up can take some time and experimentation to ensure proper placement. But once that set up is done, attaching your phone in the field is a piece of cake.  

Another nice feature of this Gosky phone scope package is the camera shutter control. With this control, you don’t need to touch the screen of your phone to take a photo or video. You just click the wired attachment to ensure a completely clear and wobbly free image. 

It works best with spotting scopes, but its functionality with binoculars is unparalleled. The one con of this phone scope adapter is that it is not made for rifle scopes. It can be used with some larger rifle scopes, but if you are using the rifle scope to actually shoot, the phone placement will disrupt your typical shooting routine.


VANKEY – Universal Phone Adapter Mount

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This Vankey model comes in plastic or metal. The plastic is about half the price, but we recommend getting the metal version. The metal model is still less than twenty dollars, and it will last for years. It is also a universal mount that works with almost all scopes and phones. It also works very well with various binoculars. 

Like the Gosky model, this phone scope mount can be made to work with some rifle scope, but it is not recommended. 

The most outstanding feature of this model is the Vankey customer service. They are very responsive and attentive. If you need help with the initial set up or future adjustments, they are quick to respond and support you. 


PHONE SKOPE – Complete Digiscoping Kit 

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Phone Skope (with a “k”) is the elite brand in the market. They are also the most expensive. Their quality and customer service are outstanding, but their products also have some strong limitations. Each phone scope set up is for a particular model of phone. This is because the adapter is not just a mount. It is a full phone case. The phone case is excellent and protective, but when you change phones, you will need a whole new phone scope set up. The advantage is that the fit and performance is extremely precise. The disadvantage is the price. Their kits begin at around eighty dollars.


GOSKY –  HD Spotting Scope ( 20-60×60 ) with Phone Adapter, Tripod, and Case. 

phone scope

If you are looking for a complete phone scope set up that is high-quality and affordable, check out this set by Gosky. It includes a 20x60x60 scope, a tripod, a carry case, and a universal phone adapter mount. It costs less than one hundred dollars for all this.  



SOLOMARK – Rifle Scope Phone Adapter 

phone scope

This model by Solomark is our top pick for rifle scopes. The phone adapter lets you capture the same image that you see in the scope. But the phone placement does not impede your typical sight line when shooting. You can set your phone to record a video while you aim and shoot. You can capture that first-person memory exactly as you experience. And you can do so without distraction while aiming and shooting. For less than twenty dollars, it is hard to resist.


ADIASON – Binoculars 12×42 – Phone Adapter 

This set by Adiason produces astoundingly clear and sharp images. They are durable, light, and waterproof. The built-in adapter is easy to install and use. A surprising bonus feature was the neck strap. It was comfortable even after wearing it all day.   




Digiscoping lets you capture those magic moments in nature without the need all that excess camera equipment. These phone scope set ups are the best we know of that make digiscoping even cheaper and easier while maintaining the quality of your photos.  

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