The Benefits of a Classic Flashlight with a Hands all Free Spin


Hands free flashlights come in ‘handy’ when you need light and your hands are otherwise occupied. Whether you are an avid outdoorsman or simply an active outdoor hobbyist – hands free flashlights are a great tool to have while hiking, camping, running, or simply working in limited light conditions. These models put a new and convenient all free spin on the classic flashlight design.

There are several benefits to using a hands free light. This option is often convenient, especially when you don’t have a third hand available to hold a light for you. These tools allow you to use your hands to carry gear, maneuver in tricky or unfamiliar areas, climb or hike difficult terrain, or precisely assemble or operate tools.

Hands free lights provide a safe option, helping you to avoid injury in low light conditions. These lights are also great because they provide precision and versatility. They are always facing what you are focusing on, improving your accuracy. All hands free provide the user with an essential light source that is dependable, flexible and convenient to use. 

There are a number of important factors you may want to consider when choosing what model of hands free flashlight is best for you including price, illumination power, battery life, water resistant design, comfort, convenience, and how you intend on using this tactical tool.

Here are all of the different types of hands free flashlights available on the market. Each is designed for a different function and purpose, but all provide the versatility you need when looking for a hands free alternative.


Headlamps are one of the most common forms of hands free lights available. They range in affordability, quality and battery life. Headlamps can be especially useful to hikers, cyclists or runners who require the illumination of a wide path to clearly see the surrounding area and to stay away from danger. Headlamps are often lightweight and adjustable for a comfortable fit, which is especially important for long term wear. Headlamps are one of the most versatile options of hands free lights available as they can also be suspended or hung by their strap to better illuminate your work area.

Flashlight Gloves

This innovative option is a newcomer to the field. Hands free flashlight gloves are a great option for a handyman tinkering with small precise tools. Flashlight gloves provide all the benefits of a third hand when working solo in the dark. These gloves are made of a stretchy, strong material that is adjustable to provide the perfect fit. Plumbers, camping enthusiasts, gadget lovers, and fishing fanatics can all take advantage of this innovative tool.

Pocket Light

The pocket light is a versatile tool that has a multitude of uses. It can be clipped to a pocket to provide you with a single beam of light to illuminate a large area in front of you. You can stand this light up to provide a stationary work area with light. Many models come with a magnetic base making it easy to mount the light for convenience. This is a great feature for mechanics working in hard to see areas of vehicles.

Clip-on Cap Light and Flashlight Caps

Clip-on cap lights attach to the bill of a baseball cap. A comparable product is a baseball cap with LED lights already built in. While these options are similar to a headlamp, they are often not as powerful and have a shorter battery life. These cap lights are a good choice for the occasional outdoorsman who needs an easy, cheap alternative to provide close up illumination when camping, hiking or working in low light conditions.

Scope-mounted Hunting Light

Scope-mounted hunting lights are durable, tactical flashlights that are made specifically to fit onto the scope of a gun or rifle. The fixed beam has a long-range useful for its function. The flashlights are often traditional models that have been designed to fit in a universal special mount allow it to be affixed to any make or model of scope available on the market. They can be removed if necessary, providing a handheld option to track game or hike a trail. Many models of scope-mounted hunting lights come with special red and/or green lenses whose use depends on the type of game you are hunting.

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