SOG Creed Tactical Knife Review 2020

SOG Creed Knife

The SOG Creed is a large versatile knife which is designed to be used for hunting and survival and holds up to field dressing an elk, cutting the wood for your fire, and remaining sharp enough to whittle the end of a stick so you can create a skewer for your kebabs.

SOG Creed Physical Specs

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The total length of this blade is just over 12 inches of which the blade itself is 7.5 inches. Personally, I prefer the satin finish as it stays looking clean longer. This knife is on the heavier side weighing in at almost 13 ounces without the leather sheath.

Blade Options

The SOG Creed only comes with a clip point with a deep belly which is excellent for cutting through whatever it comes across while maintaining a strong tip for detail work. The blade options for the Creed are what color and finish you want your blade. You can have either the satin finish stainless steel or a black titanium nitride finish.

Personally, I would prefer the satin finish as it stays looking clean longer and there is no chance that the coating would come off. This blade comes extremely sharp right out of the box and should you find that it dulls with use, as all knives do, it is easy to sharpen and the edge stays true.

  • Category name: new products
  • Country of origin: taiwan
  • Durable leather sheath blade length: 7.5 inches blade length: 7.5 inches


This blade comes with a well-shaped handle with amazing grip. This will not slip whether wet due to rain or when cleaning your quarry. The other nice thing about this is that should you need to stick it in the fire, the blade itself will heat up yet the heat will not penetrate the handle.


The sheath for the SOG Creed is, as it is for most knives, the weak point. The sheath itself is black leather, is fairly basic with a snap closure and a belt loop attachment. The problem with this is that the location of the snap puts it in direct contact with the blade which can cause rubbing which is never good, however, it should be noted that a custom sheath is fairly easy to get, and then this point becomes a non-issue.


The SOG Creed is a very nice knife and is pretty much good at anything it does and the KA-BAR USMC is no slouch either, so how to compare them?

Advantages of the SOG Creed:

  • Blade length: The SOG Creed, as previously mentioned, is 7.5 inches whereas the KA-BAR USMC is half an inch shorter at 7 inches.
  • Blade thickness: The Creed is 0.24 inches thick while the USMC is 0.165 inches. I would give preference to the Creed in this case as a thicker blade means it will hold up better through harsher tests and has less of a chance at snapping.
  • Handle grip: The Creed’s Kraton rubber handle is better in adverse weather conditions when compared the USMC’s leather handle.

Advantages of the KA-BAR USMC:

  • Country of origin: I must say I do like the fact the KA-BAR is an American made blade and that it was not outsourced to the cheapest available country. That said, the Creed is not made of cheap steel, nor is it made in China.
  • Price: At almost $100 cheaper than the SOG Creed, this is a little easier on the billfold.

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Closing Thoughts

In conclusion, I find the SOG Creed to be well worth the price and size. This is definitely a knife to carry on your person if you are going out into the backcountry as it will work well as a stand-alone survival knife.


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