Cree Flashlight Reviews-2019

What is a CREE Flashlight?

When a flashlight manufacturer refers to their product as a “Cree Flashlight”, they aren’t actually talking about a name; it merely refers to the LED inside of the flashlight. Cree comes in a number of different models of high output LED’s

Here’s another explanation: “Cree bins individual models of LED on the basis of total flux or light output, typically measured at 350mA. Bin numbers might be P4, Q2, Q3, Q4, Q5, R2, R3, R4, and R5 with each bin being about 5% additional flux. The P4 is 80 lumens, a Q5 would be 107 lumens, and the R5 bins are 137 lumens. At higher amperage than 350mA, the brightness goes way up, with the XP-G producing 3 times as many lumens at a maximum current of 1500mA.”

Our Favorite Cree Flashlight!

Why Do I Need A High Lumen Flashlight?

Simply put…Cree LED flashlights up your world when the only source of light is either the moon or an outdated flashlight. Along with their durability, CREE flashlights also bring you long-term benefits to your home emergency preparedness system. You’ll be able to handle any unexpected dark situation ranging from a home power outage to fixing a flat tire in the middle of a dark country road. A great high lumen Led flashlight is probably one of the best emergency tools you can have on you at all times.

That being said, here’s out pick of the best Cree LED Flashlights on the market today

Streamlight 88064 ProTAC HL High Lumen

We love it because:

  • It’s high quality for a fair price
  • It comes with a limited lifetime warranty, giving you peace of mind for a lifetime of use. The switches and electronics have a 2-year warranty if you keep the proof of purchase
  • The material used for manufacturing is great – high-grade aluminum with an anodizing finish along with tempered glass

And the bad?

There isn’t really anything bad about this flashlight at all, except for the price, because $75 for a flashlight isn’t cheap.

Final Verdict on the 88064 ProTAC

This is probably one of the very best tactical flashlight on available today, so if you do have the finances to invest it would be a great opportunity to grab

Streamlight 88064 ProTac HL-X - Includes two CR123A lithium batteries and holster, Clam, Black - 1000 Lumens
325 Reviews
Streamlight 88064 ProTac HL-X - Includes two CR123A lithium batteries and holster, Clam, Black - 1000 Lumens
  • 1000 lumen edc tactical flashlight
  • Multi battery versatility
  • Aluminum housing with type II military Spec
  • Light, extremely durable & abrasion resistant
  • Anodized finish

UltraFire 7W 300LM Mini Cree LED Flashlight

We love it because:

  • For its super mini size, it really puts out quite a powerful and blinding lightUltraFire 7W 300LM Mini Cree LED Flashlight
  • It has a skid-proof and water-proof design, giving you that sense of durability and reliability
  • It comes with an adjustable focus range, so it’s great for a multitude of uses

And the bad?

  • Customers have reported a relatively short run time on the batteries, so this might be a better option if you just want to use the flashlight every now and then, and not for everyday use

ULTRAFIRE 5 Pack SK68 Tactical and Small Flashlights,7w 3-Mode Pocket Torch Adjustable Focus Zoom Light Lamp
137 Reviews
ULTRAFIRE 5 Pack SK68 Tactical and Small Flashlights,7w 3-Mode Pocket Torch Adjustable Focus Zoom Light Lamp
  • 1) 5 Pack 300lumens(MAX,depend on your battery quanlity ) High-efficiency LED, super bright to light up an entire room
  • 2) Tough and reliable, IP65-rated water resistant and designed for use in heavy rain Its durable aluminum body and shock-resistance endure rough handling.
  • 3) Compact to fit easily into your pocket wherever you go, and has an anti-slip finish that holds fast in your hand
  • 4) Adjustable focus range for different usage, stretching to adjust its focus. Features 3 adaptable settings: High / Low / Strobe
  • 5) Power by: 1*AA or 1*14500 3.7v rechargeable battery (not included)

Wicked Laser’s The Torch

We love it because:

  • It puts out an astounding 4100 lumens of white light!Wicked Laser’s The Torch
  • The manufacturers say this torch is bright and powerful enough to actually fry an egg!
  • Its construction is great and you can tell that it’s been built with durability in mind

And the bad?

  • It only comes with a one year warranty
  • The bulb only has an expected lifetime of 2000 hours

Final Verdict on The Torch

If you need a REALLY bright LED flashlight and you have the finances (we’re talking around $100 here), then The Torch just might be what you need

The Torch - World's most powerful flashlight - Wicked Lasers
13 Reviews
The Torch - World's most powerful flashlight - Wicked Lasers
  • World's most powerful flashlight
  • Incredible 100W power & 4100 lumens of intense white light
  • Use this power to guide your way home, light a fire, or even fry an egg!

ThruNite TN12 Flashlight 1050 Lumens

ThruNite TN12 Flashlight 1050 Lumens

We Love It Because:

  • It’s really durable and really delivers a powerful punch in the illumination department
  • Made from aircraft grade material, this flashlight is not only built to last, it’s also watertight
  • The tempered glass helps to absorb shock if and when the flashlight falls
  • It produces 1050 lumens and has a whopping range of 218m

And the bad?

  • It costs a lot
  • It weighs in at 2.2lbs

Final Verdict on the ThruNite TN12

If you really want an extensive range of settings, something that’s going to light up your world and don’t need to mount your flashlight to a firearm, the TN12 is the beast of all LED’s and an investment you won’t regret making

ThruNite TN12 EDC LED Flashlight: #1 Best Value Max Output 1050 ANSI Lumen with Cree XM-L2 U2 LED 5 Versatile Modes Waterproof to IPX-8 (TN12 2016 CW+MCC-2+2X3400)
27 Reviews
ThruNite TN12 EDC LED Flashlight: #1 Best Value Max Output 1050 ANSI Lumen with Cree XM-L2 U2 LED 5 Versatile Modes Waterproof to IPX-8 (TN12 2016 CW+MCC-2+2X3400)
  • The TN12 2016 Flashlight runs on 1 x 18650 --- Adopts latest Cree XM-L2 U2 LED combined with new designed ThruNite drive up to 1050 ANSI lumen. Neutral white output will be 20% less than cool white.
  • TN12(2016) has the better LED focus function than TN12(2014).
  • Compact & Reliable Flashlight ---Length(5.63 inch) x diameter(1 inch); net weight: 2.90 oz; this compact light can be used for military, army, law enforcement, firefighters, police, emergency, hunting, security, camping and for any tactical use. Waterproof to IPX-8; 2m; 30min, compact resistance to 1.2 meters.
  • Upgraded stainless steel side switch to make the operation more sensitive.
  • Improved circuit design makes the brightness difference between High and Max Mode more obvisous.

Final Thoughts

Investing in a Cree LED Flashlight always mainly revolves around your budget, and then obviously also around what you’ll be using it for. There are tons of great flashlights available on the market today.

We’ve shown you what the BEST look like. For the very budget conscious consumer who isn’t going to want to use the flashlight ALL the time, the UltraFire Mini Cree is great. If you need something averagely priced, the Streamlight is your man. Need something super bright and powerful? Opt for The Torch! And if you have more to invest and need a great warranty, the ThruNite is your best pick.

So what’s our top pick for The Best Cree Flashlight? It has to be Wicked Lasers – The Torch! It’s been called the world’s most powerful flashlight and with good reason! Wicked Lasers really put out their best product when they invented The Torch. Sure, you’ll have to fork out a pretty penny if you’re going to invest in it, but it just might turn out to be one of the best investments you ever made.

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